‘Press meet’ contents of IYR Krishna Rao

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Former Chief Secretary and removed chairman of Brahmin Welfare Corporation and Archaka Welfare Association IYR Krishna Rao addressing a press conference today at Somajiguda Press Club said that he could not get appointment with the Chief Minister for the last six months despite severe efforts.

Speaking at Somajiguda Press Club he said that the development caused pain but worked for the welfare of the downtrodden people of Brahmin community. He said that the government did not ask any explanation for the postings/sharings in the Facebook and had they asked, he would have given explanation. He said that he was surprised being asked by some party men from abroad seeking his resignation. He came to know of his removal from the post only through TV news channels. ‘Had they asked me to resign, I should have tendered his resignation without any hesitation’, he said. He wanted that those who gets the post should work for the welfare of the community without hurting their interests.

He went to the Secretariat for four times to speak with the Chief Minister but could not get appointment. Though, it caused pain got controlled for the welfare of the Brahmin Community. ‘I was not given Cabinet cadre and Rs.2 lakh as salary though not given but are circulating as if I am being given except some facilities’, he added.

‘Chandrababu Naidu has offered the post of State Chief Information Commissioner but with the aim of doing something good for the community, I requested him to give the Chairman post of AP Brahmin Welfare Corporation which he readily accepted’, he said. The another allegation levelled against him is that he is not communicating the agenda of the meetings to the party-men but forwarding it to YSRCP, he denied the same and said that the Commission is having majority of the members from TDP. He said that the agenda will be sent to the coordination committees which will circulate the same to the MLAs. If they could not get the information, it means that there is some problem in the party itself, he said. He said that he had some objections over sanctioning of loans to men of YSRCP.

There will not be any TDP or YSRCP beneficiaries. Without the interference of Janmabhoomi committee, the applications are being received through online and the beneficiaries are being selected.. He said that he requested the Minister for Endowments to allot Yadavallivari Satram in Guntur and Ayyalurivari Satram in Nellore to Brahmins . He told him that if it goes to Chief Minister, the file will not be cleared and asked him to do it on his own. The Minister has taken a decision and was allotted but the credit was given to the Chief Minister, he said. On the allegation of his visit to Visakhapatnam for campaign the BJP candidate, it being a friendly party to the ruling party, he visited Visakhapatnam only on the request of the party, he said.

Krishna Rao said that the facts are not reaching the people. There is every need to tell the facts to the people. He questioned the rationale of meeting YSRCP MLA Kona Raghupati. He questioned if Chandrababu meets Lagadapati Raja Gopal what is the wrong in his meeting with MLA Kona Raghupati. When he was questioned about inviting him for a training programme at Bapatla, he said that as per protocol, he has to invite the local MLA. The meeting with him only on the later’s invitation is in his personal capacity, he clarified.

There are so many issues on the State Capital and he would be shortly writing a book on those issues, said Krishna Rao.

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