‘Only supports to TDP and not joined the party’, says MP Butta Renuka

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

MP Butta Renuka after meeting the Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu on Tuesday at the latter’s residence speaking to media said that she did not joined the TDP party but only extending support to it.

She said that she does not why she was placed under suspension by the YSRCP. She said that her husband had differences with the YSRCP but she is still working for the YSRCP. She said that she was addressing the media to down the curtains on the propaganda being made of her shifting loyalities to TDP.

According to sources, she is likely to join the TDP at a grand public meeting in Kurnool soon. She reportedly discussed the development work in the Kurnool constituency with the Chief Minister. Chandrababu expressed happiness over Renuka support to the party. She said that everyone must encourage good work and cooperate for development. The government was turning crisis into opportunities, she added.

Meanwhile YSRCP MLA Anil Kumar challenged her to resign her post and get re-elected. He predicted her downfall in the political career as she was elected on YSRCP ticket and extending support to TDP. He questioned why she did not resign the post of MP. He said that she would be subjected to anti-defection if joins TDP, he said.

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