‘If medical expenditure exceeds Rs.1,000 Arogya Sri will be made applicable’, says Jagan

{{Date| November 30, 2017| Billekal}]

Jagan Mohan Reddy during his 22nd day of Praja Sankalpa Yatra said that ‘Arogya Sri’ will be made applicable to those who undertake treatment anywhere in the country.

He questioned the justice behind curtailing the benefit if the patient takes treatment in Hyderabad. He said that majority of the expert hospitals were available in Hyderabad. More changes will be brought in the implementation of ‘Arogya Sri’ scheme. He said that the bills were not paid to the network hospitals for the last eight months. He promised that any patient who incurs expenditure that exceeds Rs.1,000 will be brought under the purview of Arogya Sri. Free operations will be conducted and during the time of rest period the person would be paid money. Those undertaking dialysis, kidney patients would be given Rs.10,000 per month.

Jagan said that political system needs a change. He charged Chandrababu Naidu purchasing party MLAs as goats in a shandy. He charged Naidu as this is not the end. He recalled that in 2011 there is only Jagan and his mother Vijayamma were in the party and with the blessings of the people and God’s grace could win 67 MLAs and 9 MPs.

On Special Status category issue, he said Chandrababu sought 15 years of SCS. Now, he changed his tune and pledged the State’s interests for the cases slapped on him. He questioned the rationale of his statement of the State getting 32 lakh jobs and 15 lakh crore investments. He questioned that even a single job was created?

Jagan has completed 315.4km padayatra on the 22nd day with 14.2 km on the day itself. He began his yatra from B.Agraharam at 8.30am and concluded at 7.15tpm at Billekal.

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