'YSRCP instigated in the violent incidents of Kapus’ agitation’, says Chief Minister

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu speaking at a press conference today evening said that YSRCP took law and order into their own hands. He said that the people were instigated with vested interests. He saw the hand of outsiders in the violent incidents that took place of setting ablaze of bogies of Ratnachal Express since the people of twin Godavari districts are peace loving.

In an indirect reference to Jagan Mohan Reddy, Chandrababu said ‘A criminal was behind this’. They don’t want any development in the State. They opposed Pattiseema, Amaravati and now they want to scuttle the government’s efforts to provide reservation to Kapus. ‘Tomorrow, BCs will be instigated to fight against reservation for Kapus. Who will take responsibility?, he asked. Chief Minister cited the Supreme Court and High Court judgements on BCs reservations and added legal issues were involved in it. A mere GO including the Kapus in BC list would not stand legal security. A recommendation form the BC commission was necessary and added that the agitators were citing GO 30 issued in 1994. He said that the GO clearly says that a separate GO would be issued to implement the reservations for Kapus and 13 other castes. A recommendation from the BC Commission was mandatory, he said adding ‘if they cannot understand the GO, they are unfit to be in politics and run political party’, he said.

YSRCP leader Botcha Satyanarayana blames the government
YSRCP senior leader Botch Satyanarayana held the government responsible for the violent incidents at Tuni. He said that the incidents should not have happened had the government met the Kapu community’s demand which has been pending for a long time. He said that the government instead of constituting a Kapu commission and announced a corpus of Rs.100 crores for the welfare of Kapus. Meanwhile, Congress spokesman Kolanukonda Sivaji said provocation by the police triggered the violence and demanded the government to convene an all-party meeting and reach a consensus on the sensitive issue lest the agitations should flare up further, he warned.

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