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Satyam terminates 400 employees
Satyam Computer Services

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Satyam terminates 400 employees

Most of the employees shown pink-card are from S band

Hyderabad, September 11, 2008

Media sources say that Satyam Computer Services Limited has shown the out door to 400 engineers. Many of these employees (called Associates in Satyam terminology) are from Hyderabad, Pune and Visakhapatnam. The termination orders have came as rude shock as they were not rookies at their jobs. Most of them are 'S' band employees denoting professionals with experience ranging from two to five years.

According to sources, the termination is evident since the employees are staying on bench for a long time with no project on hand and not many big projects not seem to be coming forthwith resulting in some employees remaining idle. The management has been cautioning them either to move out of its rolls to a contractual employment offered by companies that source work to it or leave. SV Krishnan, Global Head, HR said giving pink slips to those in the 'S' bank was not out of the ordinary and said this is a matter of route employee evaluation and development and there is no specific focus on levels during evaluation.

The engagement model for associates in business wait would indeed help the associates update their skills. At least half of the five percent identified in performance improvement category would generally exit the system either voluntarily or involuntarily. He asserted that the company was well on track with its guidance of hiring 15,000 people for 2008-09.

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Satyam terminates 400 employees
Most of the employees shown pink-card are from S band

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