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Second post-mortem for Moddu Sreenu conducted
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Moddu Srinu

Second post-mortem for Moddu Sreenu conducted
Docotor report to be submitted to State Human Rights Commission

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Second post-mortem for Moddu Sreenu conducted

Doctor report to be submitted to State Human Rights Commission

Moddu Sreenu who was murdered in Anantapur jail on Sunday underwent a second postmortem after a request of the wife of the deceased Lakshmi Rajyam. The postmortem is conducted on Tuesday at the Government General Hospital. Lakshmi Rajyam gave a clean chit to the State Government saying that she is not having any doubts about the post-mortem and admitted that it was physically difficult for the government to protect any and every every individual. She alleged that her husband have been murdered by Suri or someone linked to him. The doctors who conducted the post mortem will be submitting their report to the State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) in about three days time.

Meanwhile the deceased body of Moddu Sreenu was brought from Chllangundla village at around noon when relatives insisted on their presence at the post-mortem. The Doctor-in-charge GM Raj Kumar rejected the plea as the law stating the law does not permit him to do so. He made it clear that the procedure would be recorded on video and sent to the State Human Rights Commission and its contents would not be revealed even to the Investigating Officer.

Lakshmi Rajyam said in a dramatic fashion that her husband who hailed from the faction ridden Palnadu region, had the guts to publicly admit that he had killed Paritala Ravi and also named the weapon and if Om Prakash or any other person from Rayalaseema has the guts, let him own it boldly. Etikalapalli Circle Inspector M John Manohar, the investigating officer said it was certain from the injuries that there was no bullet injury on the head.

Moddu Sreenu is the prime accused in the murder of Paritala Ravi, an MLA from Telugu Desam Party (TDP). He fell to the police after evading arrest for ten months when he was making a bomb went off in a lodge.

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