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Kingfisher Aircraft forced to abort flight
Shamshabad Airport

Kingfisher Aircraft forced to abort flight
Airlines blames GMR security staff for clearing acid like substance

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Kingfisher Aircraft forced to abort flight

Airlines blames GMR security staff for clearing acid like substance

Hyderabad, April 3, 2008

The Delhi bound Kingfisher aircraft with 90 passengers on the board had a close shave after the pilot received a warning of smoke emanating from the cargo hold area of the aircraft this morning. An acid like substance, cleared by the GMR security staff reportedly caused the smoke-exposing apparent chinks in the GMR's screening armor. This is the second such incident involving Kingfisher airlines. Recently, 25 passengers in a Hyderabad bound flight had a miraculous escape when its nose wheel hit a stray dog on the runway at the Bangalore Airport.

Officials said that today's flight took off from the Shamshabad airport at 6.35 am. Less than an hour into the 120 minute journey, the pilot received the warning about 'smoke' from the cargo hold area that prompted him to return. According to a spokesman of Kingfisher airlines stated that one of the cargo consignments, that had been cleared by the GMR's security screening staff contained a powder, which would not otherwise have been accepted and cleared for carriage by the airlines. Senior General Manager of Kingfisher, Prakash Mirpuri pointed out that as per standard practice, Kingfisher screens all its cargo consignments on its own. However, at the new Shamshabad airport, the screening is conducted by GMR.

He said the consignment was off-load and after a thorough check of the remaining cargo, the aircraft was cleared for departure. However, sources said the powdery substance was actually some form of acid what had apparently leaked. The security personnel engaged in screening the baggage apparently failed to notice it. Unlike at the Begampet airport, where the luggage and cargo used to be screened by the staff of the respective airlines, at the Shamshabad airport, the same exercise is undertaken jointly by GMR group and another firm, Menzes for passengers travelling by all airlines. The local Head of Directorate General of Civil Aviation TDN Rao said that the matter was under investigation and are expecting a detailed report from the Kingfisher airlines.

Kingfisher Aircraft forced to abort flight
Airlines blames GMR security staff for clearing acid like substance

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