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Anti-Aging Clinic New Program for the Millions of People Suffering From Hormone Imbalances

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Anti-Aging Clinic New Program for the Millions of People Suffering From Hormone Imbalances

If you are taking synthetic substitutes for hormone replacement therapy or none at all, it can cause adverse effects.

(PRWeb) January 30, 2007 -- The Anti-Aging Clinic Assoc. Inc. announced the launch of a Natural Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy with the added accuracy of a saliva testing program that helps tailor compounded natural hormones in lozenge form with accuracy.

David and Stephanie Tippie, the founders and directors of the Anti-Aging Clinic, in Lauderhill, Florida, say, "In observing anyone outside of either the Sickness, or Wellness industry, it is easy to see why they choose an expert in the Sickness industry, an M.D, to be the expert in both industries; because it is a common misconception."

To help clear this up, Tippie's state: "Examine the eight years that the doctor spends in education and training; it is to address critical care and the application of pharmaceuticals." They go on to say, "this does not slight doctors in the least, on the contrary, they are the best in the world at that." Tippie's say, "But in their training there is typically 30 minutes to an hour in neutraceutical (natural) and no natural hormone replacement therapy education."

Tippie's go on to say: "A person in the wellness industry, by contrast, is typically researching and in training their entire life, for all the facets and nuances of natural herbs, vitamins, hormone treatments and products that are natural to the body." They go on to say, "Take for instance the natural to the body, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy; the wellness industry was providing this natural therapy long before the Medical Sickness Industry ever began to provide (patentable) synthetic hormones to their patients."

The Tippie's quote a study when they state: "As you may recall, doctors in the medical industry were caught with their hand a little dirty on this issue when the Women's Health Initiative (WHI), reported on July 9, 2002, their national study findings." They go on to say, "The findings were that pharmaceutical synthetic hormones were causing breast cancer, stroke, venous thrombosis, colon cancer and bone fractures." The Tippie's add, "The doctors that were prescribing these drugs quickly bailed out of this dilemma and began to adapt to the wellness industry natural hormone replacement." But they say, "doctors did this with the general mindset, which they were aware of, that their patients believe the doctor is always right." The Tippie's went on the say, "doctors are dispensing one size fit all programs of natural hormones."

Tippie's noted that, "doctors began providing hormone creams for women without utilizing the necessary 11-panel saliva testing measurement to ascertain what each woman's individual needs were". They go on to say, "The thinking was that there is a one size fit all program like the synthetic HRT was supposed to be."

Tippie's state that it is their team of experts' specific research of over 4,000 case studies of women on this therapy, is what sets them apart. For instance, Tippie's say, "we are the only group, to our knowledge, that has proven every woman in the world is different and every woman cycles until they die." Tippie's go on to say, "these women have had all of those awful mood swings, depression, hypertension, anxiety, anger, hot flashes, night sweats and much more." They add, "These symptoms were ultimately corrected with what we believe is the correct method of BHRT". Tippie's state: "We work with a physician who examines and prescribes the natural hormones from the compounding pharmacist that is part of our team."

Tippie's say, "the one size fit all creams prescribed by physicians have an in-accurate release and is guess work for something that is very critical to each woman." Tippie's go on to state: "The creams absorb in the muscle and collect over time; this will cause PMS symptoms to exponentially increase with continued use."

Tippie's say: "The HMO's pay for a patient's visits to the sickness industry doctors but not for the natural to the body bioidentical hormones." Tippie's state, "The doctors are still clamoring to distance themselves from the synthetic hormones and they are trying to cash in on the natural"

Also Tippie's say, "insurance companies have no interest in paying for prevention from any sickness or disease." Therefore, the Tippies state, "Natural to the body BHRT treatment such as provided by the Anti-Aging Clinic in Lauderhill Florida, has to be paid out of pocket."

Tippie's further state: "It is unfortunate, but those with above average awareness from their own research on good health, who view their "doctor" as a consultant, like their accountant for example; will be those who are running up-hill at age 100 and continue to have a healthy balanced hormonal system and enjoy life until they die; without the support, or degradation (depending on how you look at it) of the pharmaceutical hormones."

Press Contact: DAVID TIPPIE
Company Name: Anti-Aging Clinic Assoc., Inc.
Email: email protected from spam bots
Phone: 954-742-4430

Press Release Source: EMediaWire

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