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Pinterest-like site Snatchly lets users 'pin' p*rn on virtual boards

April 1, 2012 - Washington

The Pinterest-inspired concept of virtually "pinning" things to an online board has finally made its way to the p*rn industry.

Recently launched website Snatchly is modeled off the popular microblog, which lets users gather photographs of their favorite things and share them all via a virtual collage.

But unlike Pinterest, where users pin recipes, ideas for DIY projects and adorable puppy pics, Snatchly users tack X-rated photos of their favorite p*rn stars and sexual fantasies.

"You can browse boards created by others to discover new models and p*rn stars," The New York Daily News quoted Snatchly co-founder Neil Notts,as saying.

Notts said he created Snatchly because he wanted a Pinterest-style site that men would enjoy.

"We wanted to make it more attractive to men and felt that masculine colors and categories such as cigars and cars wouldn't be enough .Guys ultimately need a safe haven for their favorite p*rn stars and scenes," he added.


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