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Now, 'tweet a beer' to your friend

March 7, 2012 - Melbourne

You can buy a beer for a friend now, no matter where you are, by sending a Twitter message.

The Tweet-A-Beer application links users' Twitter and PayPal accounts letting them send 5-dollar beer money to a friend along with a message, a meeting place and a juke box request, reported.

Once the money has been submitted a notifying tweet is sent with all the details.

The beer offer can be rejected by refunding the 5 dollars or by simply ignoring the tweet.

Users can send as many beers as they like, but Tweet-A-Beer supports responsible drinking and the transaction limit means only one beer can be sent at a time.

Tweet-A-Beer was brewed-up by Portland communications company Waggener Edstrom and ad agency Tenfour "to ensure that distance, agoraphobia, and gang rivalries no longer prevented people from sharing a pint," the Tweet-A-Beer website said.

"Users can use the 5 dollars for whatever. (But seriously, we recommend using it for beer, because it's beer)," the website added.

This application is only available in the US at this stage.


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