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Technology News on May 6, 2012

Largest known 'true' crocodile identified
A crocodile, which was large enough to swallow humans, once dwelled in East Africa, according to a new study ANI

Lawnmower engine-powered car may reach 3300 mpg!
US student engineers are intending to break fuel barriers by designing a car with a lawnmower engine that could give a mileage of nearly about 3,300 miles per gallon. ANI

'Runner's High' may have played role in evolutionary history of humans
Aerobic exercise sets off a reward system in the body of mammals built for endurance - like humans - but not other creatures, according to a new study. ANI

Lab-grown human spare parts to make organ donation pass‚
A team of researchers is focusing on growing replacement organs and body parts using a patient's own cells. ANI

Vaginas 'host dynamic battlefield for microbes'
The human va**ina is a lively place, teeming with beneficial bacteria that put off spiteful microbes from invading. ANI

Swarm of 'fingernail-sized' pebbles 'may easily deflect incoming asteroids'
Hurtling pebbles at an asteroid certainly seems like a futile task, but a new study has suggested that this could ward off the Earthbound space rock. ANI

Facebook 'rewarding, thanking' hackers for breaking through site's firewalls
Facebook is 'rewarding' and 'thanking' hackers who break through the social networking site's firewalls, according to a report. ANI

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