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Technology News on May 31, 2012

NASA's new telescope to hunt for most intriguing objects in universe
NASA is set to launch its Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, NuSTAR. ANI

Meteorites give valuable insights into Mars' atmosphere
Scientists have found that meteorites, which continually bombard the surface of Mars, contain enough carbon compounds to generate methane when they are exposed to sunlight. ANI

Electric Moon jolts solar wind causing turbulence
A powerful combination of spacecraft and computer simulations has revealed that the Moon have a far-reaching, invisible influence on the Sun, or more specifically, the solar wind. ANI

Handful of genetic variations led to big changes to human brain
Changes to just three genetic letters among billions led to evolution and development of the motor sensory network in them, according to a new study. ANI

Faster Twitter enhances speed website
Twitter has reengineered its website to load tweets five times faster, as part of efforts to maintain users' interest in browsing its constant stream of short messages. ANI

Potential new HIV vaccine target identified
A team of researchers, including one of Indian origin Indian origin, studying a virus similar to HIV that infects monkeys has discovered a possible new target for vaccines or therapies in humans. ANI

Fish fatty acid 'prevents age-related vision loss'
An omega-3 fatty acid found in fish, known as DHA, may thwart vision loss in older adults, according to a new study. ANI

Gonorrhoea becoming 'untreatable' as newly diagnosed cases soar by 25 pc
New cases of gonorrhoea infections in England have risen by 25 percent in the past year amid major concerns that the sexual disease is becoming untreatable. ANI

Hidden 'back door' chip may allow hackers to override computer systems of Boeing 787
A hidden 'back door' in a computer chip could allow cyber-criminals to override and control computer systems on Boeing 787s it has emerged. ANI

Moving pictures encoded into gas inspires YouTube song
Films, which have been recorded on cinema reels, DVDs and tapes for long, are now been stored in gas by scientists. ANI

Mars missions 'may benefit from meteor that fell on Oz 40 yrs ago'
A discovery about the make-up of the atmosphere of Mars could help inform future missions searching for life on the planet. ANI

Understanding complexities of taste and smell could lead to healthy diet
Researchers at Oregon State University have shed light on how taste and smell actually work to control our perceptions of flavor, and why we love some foods much more than others. ANI

Arctic bacteria help find life on Jupiter's Icy Moon
It is not easy to search for life on one of Jupiter's icy moons: Europa as just getting there can be a problem. ANI

Belief in God relies on ability to 'mentalize'
Belief in God or other higher powers may be crucially associated with humans' cognitive ability to infer other peoples' mental states, called "theory of mind" or "mentalizing," according to a new research. ANI

'Tweaked' tomatoes could be 'juicier and tastier'
For the first time, an international team, including scientists from India, have cracked the genetic code of tomato to produce varieties, which will not only be tastier, but better in aroma and colour as well, a study has reported. ANI

Tim Cook hints at new 'revolutionary Apple television product' on anvil
Apple chief executive Tim Cook has hinted that the tech giant is working on the much rumoured iTV. ANI

India to record fastest rate of Internet traffic growth in boom till 2016: Survey
The number of internet connections will reach 18.9 billion by 2016, mainly due to the explosion of smart phones, tablets and other hand held devices in market, with India expected to record the fastest rate of Internet traffic growth, according to an annual survey by Cisco Systems Inc. ANI

Google's hi-tech Project Glass techno-goggles 'could be on sale next year'
Google co-founder Sergei Brin has revealed that the firm's much awaited 'Project Glass' techno goggles, could be available in the market as early as next year. ANI

Galaxies hiding more atomic hydrogen gas than thought
More atomic hydrogen gas - the ultimate fuel that creates stars and galaxies - is lurking in today's Universe than previously thought, a re-analysis of radio telescope observations from Australia, the USA and the Netherlands has found. ANI

Forget botox and hair dye! People can sniff out each others' age
Researchers have claimed that humans possess the ability to identify other person's ages based on their body smells and much of this skill rests on recognizing the odours of elderly individuals. ANI

Sun-like stars' age measured to uncover Milky Way's history
A new discovery of stars' age may help understand how our Milky Way galaxy built itself up over billions of years from smaller galaxies. ANI

Soon, blood test to check whether cancer treatment is working
A simple blood test is set to revolutionise cancer care by showing patients whether their treatment to reduce tumours is working, say scientists. ANI

Supervolcanoes take just hundreds of years to grow
The largest volcanoes on Earth may take as little as a few hundred years to form and erupt, a new study has revealed. ANI

New dope plant 'leaves users sober not stoned'
Scientists claim to have cultivated a cannabis plant that doesn't get people stoned, in a development that may help those smoking marijuana for medical purposes, it has been revealed. ANI

Tart cherries could help reduce osteoarthritis inflammation
Tart cherries may help reduce chronic inflammation, especially in people suffering from debilitating joint pain and arthritis, according to new research. ANI

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