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Technology News on May 30, 2012

Flexible 'nanowires' could be perfect fit for printable electronics
Researchers have developed a new set of flexible, electrically conductive 'nanowires' from thin strands of copper atoms mixed with nickel. ANI

Feeling lonely? Shoulder robot could be your perfect companion
Japanese researchers are developing a robotic buddy that sits on your shoulder and ensures that you have a company all the time. ANI

Emissions from widely used cook stoves may vary with use
The way families in developing countries use their cook stoves has a huge impact on emissions from them, and laboratory emission tests don't precisely reflect real-world operations, according to a study. ANI

Lost photos reveal history of Greenland ice loss
A set of 80-year-old photographs unearthed in a basement archive has proved that Greenland's ice was melting even faster then than it is now.he glaciers in southeast Greenland are retreating rapidly with the ongoing global climate change. ANI

Kids exposed to the common pollutant vulnerable to chromosomal damage
Children exposed to high levels of the common air pollutant naphthalene are at increased risk for chromosomal aberrations (CAs), which have been earlier linked with cancer. ANI

Neuron function to brains damaged by Huntington's disease restored
Researchers have restored neuron function to parts of the brain damaged by Huntington's disease (HD) by successfully transplanting HD-induced pluripotent stem cells into animal models. ANI

People 'scared of dying badly rather than actually dying'
A new study has shed light on how perception about euthanasia and dying has changed since the 1970s. ANI

One-third of Britons 'would upgrade' to Facebook phone: Poll
One-third of phone mobile users in Britain would definitely upgrade to a Facebook phone, a survey has revealed. ANI

Brit women twice more dependent on social media than men
Women in Britain are twice as dependent on social media than men, a new study into the Internet usage of the nation, has revealed. ANI

New HIV-inhibiting protein identified
Researchers have discovered a new HIV-suppressing protein in the blood of people infected with the virus. ANI

PCB pollution may up abdominal fat risk
Researchers have linked high levels of the environmental toxin PCB with the distribution of body fat to the abdomen. ANI

Mind-reading robot teachers promise to end snoozing in class
Researchers are developing a robotic system, which through the examination of the pupils, monitors students' attention levels during lectures and online lessons. ANI

Cannabis 'does not slow progression' of multiple sclerosis
Cannabis does not arrest the progression of multiple sclerosis (MS), a medical trial has concluded. ANI

Venus transit to 'fine-tune search for other worlds'
The scientists will be using the last Venus transit for a century, which will take place next week, to learn how to size up other solar systems as we search for life in the universe. ANI

Iconic NZ reptile Tuatara spits on mammal chewing theory
The tuatara, an iconic New Zealand reptile, which chews its food in a way unlike any other animal on the planet, has challenged the widespread perception that complex chewing ability is closely linked to high metabolism. ANI

Tool-wielding snake robots 'to crawl in bodies and assist docs in surgery'
Scientists and doctors, including one of Indian origin, are now using tiny snake robots to perform surgery on hearts, prostate cancer, and other diseased organs. ANI

Common genetic mutation 'ups BP and sodium retention'
Nearly 40 percent of the small adrenal tumors, which cause big problems with high blood pressure, share a genetic mutation resulting into patients retaining too much sodium, researchers report. ANI

Why swine flu virus develops drug resistance
Using computer chips of a type more commonly found in games consoles, researchers have revealed how the swine flu virus resists anti-flu drugs like Relenza and Tamiflu. ANI

Ousted Facebook co-founder 'worried about privacy' on social networking site
Facebook's ousted co-founder Eduardo Saverin has said that he keeps a low profile on the social networking site he created with Mark Zuckerberg as he is concerned about online privacy. ANI

Google unveils new range of computers 'with no hard drive'
Google has unveiled its new line of computers that offer no hard drive to store data. ANI

'Parking patch' may eliminate need for traffic wardens
A UK inventor has come up with a gadget that could tell drivers where the nearest empty parking space is and thus do away with traffic wardens forever. ANI

First chemical circuit may help regulate cells' signal paths in human body
Researchers have developed the first chemical circuit, which may offer new opportunities to control and regulate the signal paths of cells in the human body. ANI

Venus transit to be witnessed by North and Central America on June 5
People in most of Hawaii, Alaska, Australia, the western Pacific, and eastern Asia will be able to see the planet Venus cross in front of the Sun, which will last 6 hours 40 minutes on 5th June. ANI

Gigantic gamma-ray beams blasted from Milky Way's centre mln years ago
New evidence of ghostly gamma-ray beams suggests that the Milky Way's central black hole was much more active in the past. ANI

NASA's lunar spacecraft completes major mission ahead of schedule
A NASA mission to study the moon from crust to core has completed its prime mission earlier than expected. ANI

Man's touch makes women blush
The regions of the face that redden during sexual stimulation also slightly heat up during innocent social interactions, a new study has revealed. ANI

Falling stout bubbles mystery finally solved
In a new study, mathematicians claim to have solved the mystery of why bubbles in stout beers such as Guinness sink - it may simply be down to the glass. ANI

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