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Technology News on May 28, 2012

US couple's live 'lip-dub' wedding proposal video goes viral
A Portland actor showed his extraordinary romantic side when he got together 60 of his friends to propose to his girlfriend through a live lip-synced version of the Bruno Mars song 'Marry Me'. ANI

Brit aviation minister took 'UFO' sighting for real
An account of the encounter with a UFO was estimated to be so credible, that it even convinced a British government minister who investigated it, according to reports. ANI

Ultra-sensitive tests may detect diseases at earliest stages
Researchers have developed a super-sensitive test that should enable them to detect signs of a disease in its budding stages. ANI

New protein may fight flu outbreak
Researchers have come up with a new protein that can combat deadly flu epidemics. ANI

Mrs Zuckerberg's wedding dress designer fails to sell more pieces
The store from where Mark Zuckerberg's wife Priscilla Chan bought her wedding dress hasn't sold another gown similar to the one she wore at her surprise wedding to the Facebook CEO. ANI

Smallest ever five-ringed structure created and imaged
A team of European scientists has created and imaged the smallest possible five-ringed structure - about 100,000 times thinner than a human hair. ANI

Oz electronic firm Kogan launches 'cheapest' Android tablet
An Australian consumer electronics manufacturer, Kogan, has launched a new Android tablet, which it says is the cheapest in its category. ANI

Earth took '10m yrs to recover from greatest mass extinction'
It took almost 10 million years for Earth to recuperate from the greatest mass extinction of all time, according to a new research. ANI

Modern birds 'more closely related to dinosaurs than thought'
Modern birds are, essentially, living dinosaurs, with skulls that are significantly similar to those of their juvenile ancestors, according to a new study. ANI

Mummies reveal Egyptians were original cat breeders
The mystery about how cats went from running in the wild to becoming our domesticated furry friend may have been solved after analysing the genetic makeup of Egyptian cat mummies. ANI

Facebook may launch smart phone next year
Facebook may launch its first-ever smartphone by next year, a new report has revealed. ANI

Gene that stunts infants' growth also makes them grow too big
The mutation responsible for IMAGe syndrome - a rare disorder that stunts infants' growth - has been identified, and surprisingly it occurs on the same gene that causes Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome, which makes cells grow too fast, leading to very large children. ANI

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