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Technology News on May 27, 2012

Facebook's billions 'safe' from Mark Zuckerberg's wife
Mark Zuckerberg can now legally guard almost his entire estimated wealth worth 12.17billion pounds from his new wife Priscilla Chan. ANI

Over 800 homes in Scotland at risk of radon gas poisoning
Hundreds of households in Scotland have been warned to take action against high levels of a radon gas, which is also thought to cause lung cancer. ANI

Red planet turns blue in recent Mars image
A new image taken by Nasa's rover perched on the edge of a 14 mile-wide crater shows Mars in shades of blue. ANI

Mark Zuckerberg's wife Priscilla Chan 'daughter of Asian refugee'
Priscilla Chan, whose transformation into the wife of the world's youngest billionaire Mark Zuckerberg is more remarkable than it may seem, is the child of a Chinese-Vietnamese father who arrived in America with his family in the 70s after spending time in a refugee camp. ANI

Women 'better than men at recognising garden scents'
Women are more skilled than men when it comes to identifying garden scents, and the difference may be biological, a new study has suggested. ANI

84-year-old man to become first Oz 'space tourist'
A 84-year-old Melbourne businessman is set to become Australia's first "space tourist" when he blasts off into space in January 2014. ANI

Now, 'cat signal' Internet Defense League formed to fight for online freedom
A non profit group in the U.S. that was behind the protest against anti-piracy bills SOPA and PIPA has now formed a new coalition aimed at fighting for Internet freedom. ANI

Anti-psychotic drug kills cancer stem cells without side-effects: study
A team of Canadian scientists have discovered that thioridazine, a drug used to treat psychotic disorder, could successfully kill cancer stem cells in humans without the toxic side-effects on normal cells. ANI

'Bizzare' creatures make it to new species top 10 list
Researchers across the world have announced their picks for the top 10 new species described in 2011. ANI

US' SpaceX Dragon ship 'smells like a brand new car': NASA astronaut
NASA astronaut Donald Pettit has said that the interiors of a Dragon ship of California SpaceX smell like of a brand new car. ANI

Turtles 'closer relative to birds than snake and lizards'
Researchers have confirmed that the turtles are most closely associated to crocodilians and birds rather than to lizards, snakes, and tuataras. ANI

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