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Technology News on May 26, 2012

Google warns users of virus that could shut down Internet connections on July 9
Search giant Google has issued a warring to its millions of users that they could lose the ability to connect to the Internet in July due to a computer virus. ANI

Soon, wearable energy T-shirts could charge your phones
Using a simple process, engineers have baked a cotton T-shirt into activated carbon, and by adding a thin conductive metal layer, they have created a stable, high performing super capacitor. ANI

People actually smile when they're frustrated
It may be hard to believe but a new study has found that most people smile when they're frustrated. ANI

New website to let you send email to your future self
A website has launched a new service, which lets users send 'time capsule' emails to their future self. ANI

Sound of fabled Aussie bush creature 'Yowies' recorded
A US television crew has captured audio that they believe proves the existence of yowies -the fabled ape-like creature of the Aussie bush. ANI

Africa and Australasia to host biggest radio telescope ever built
South Africa, Australia and New Zealand have decided to host the biggest radio telescope ever built that will sweep the sky for answers to the major outstanding questions in astronomy. ANI

Aliens that visit Earth won't enslave or vaporize us, says E.T. hunter
Sci-Fi movies like 'Battleship' and 'Men in Black 3' often depict aliens terrorizing our planet. ANI

Microsoft requested Google to remove 500,000 links to pirated software in April
Software giant Microsoft requested Google to remove over 500,000 links from its search index in April, new figures published by the search giant have revealed. ANI

US' SpaceX makes history after successfully attaching Dragon cargo ship with ISS
The California SpaceX company has been successful in attaching its unmanned Dragon cargo ship to the International Space Station (ISS). ANI

Soon, smartphones to remind you where you've put your keys
Intel is said to be investing in smartphones that "learn" about their owners and predict what they do - doing tasks for them without being asked. ANI

Turmeric can help our immune system fight off infection
Scientists have discovered that curcumin, a compound found in the cooking spice turmeric, can cause a modest but measurable increase in levels of a protein that's known to be important in the "innate" immune system, helping to prevent infection in humans and other animals. ANI

How plants 'know' when to flower
In a new study, scientists have claimed that they have pinpointed the last crucial piece of the 80-year-old puzzle of how plants "know" when to flower. ANI

Delaying school entry until 7 can boost kids' reading skills
Starting school at seven can improve children's grasp of reading at the end of primary education, researchers have revealed. ANI

Twitter admits to tracking users' activities across Internet
Micro blogging website Twitter has revealed that it tracks its users' movements across the Internet in order to suggest relevant content to tweeters. ANI

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