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Technology News on May 25, 2012

Solar powered plane takes 'last rehearsal' flight over Mediterranean
A solar powered plane takes off for its "last rehearsal" before a round-the-world attempt in 2014. ANI

Potential new vaccine target for bacterial meningitis identified
Researchers have identified a protein responsible for bacterial meningitis. ANI

Asteroid measured when nudged by sunlight
NASA scientists have measured the orbit of asteroid, 1999 RQ36, with such accuracy that they were able to directly measure the drift resulting from a subtle but important force called the Yarkovsky effect - the slight push created when the asteroid absorbs sunlight and re-emits that energy as heat. ANI

Now, floor tiles that generate electricity from pedestrians
This summer shoppers at one of the largest malls in Europe, the Westfield Stratford City shopping center in east London, will be generating more than just revenue for the stores. ANI

Now, helmet that wards off signs of ageing as users sleep
A Japanese firm has unveiled a tight-fitting helmet, which claims to firm up complexion and reduce sagging while a person sleeps. ANI

Now, invisibility cloaks that can slow down or even stop light
In a breakthrough research, a group of American researchers has created 25 000 individual cloaks. ANI

Positive words 'more frequently used in written communication'
A study on the use of language, has found that words charged with a positive emotional content are used more frequently in written communication. ANI

New record for graphene solar cell efficiency set
University of Florida physicists have set a new record by creating a new graphene solar cell with unprecedented power-converting capabilities. ANI

New microchip can transmit data 1000 times faster than Bluetooth
Scientists have developed a revolutionary microchip that can transmit large volumes of data at ultra-high speeds of 2 Gigabits per second, which would be 1,000 times faster than Bluetooth. ANI

Desire to 'sext' n*ked pictures 'hard-wired' into human brains
'Sexting' has become a favourite celebrity pastime, with everyone from Scarlett Johansson to Vanessa Hudgens having being caught in the act. ANI

Soon, iPads to scan palms for passwords
Tablet computers like the iPad may soon authenticate their rightful users by reading the unique movement of their hands, not their passwords. ANI

Gene key to sperm development may lead to new male contraceptive
Men could soon get a new type of safe contraceptive, thanks to the discovery of a key gene essential for sperm development. ANI

Compound that triggers cancer cell death developed
A research group from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute has developed a compound that can cause cancer cells to kill themselves. ANI

'Disappearing' tweets mystery solved
The mystery of a word getting disappeared from 'tweets' all over the world has been solved and it seems that MS-DOS is the culprit. ANI

New drug destroys human cancer stem cells without affecting healthy ones
A study led by an Indian origin scientist has discovered a drug that successfully kills cancer stem cells in the human while avoiding the toxic side-effects of conventional cancer treatments. ANI

Hypodermic needles for injection could soon be history
MIT researchers have engineered a device that delivers a tiny, high-pressure jet of medicine through the skin without the use of a hypodermic needle. ANI

Genes that influence fertility in men discovered
Researchers have uncovered previously undiscovered genetic variants that influence fertility in men. ANI

Most dangerous websites' list shows p*rn sites surprisingly safe
P*rnogr*phic websites have ceased to be the 'most dangerous' places on web for picking up viruses. ANI

Gene behind chronic inflammation, accelerated aging and cancer identified
Researchers have identified a single gene that simultaneously controls inflammation, accelerated aging and cancer. ANI

Feeling strong emotions makes different individuals' brains 'tick together'
Researchers have revealed how experiencing strong emotions synchronizes brain activity across individuals. ANI

Secrets behind centenarians' longevity - positive personalities
Scientists often point to genes when asked about factors that allow centenarians to reach age 100 and beyond. ANI

'Non biological' organic carbon originated on Mars
A new study has provided strong evidence that organic carbon did, indeed, originate on Mars, although it is not of biological origin. ANI

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