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Technology News on May 23, 2012

Younger people who are disagreeable likelier to prefer aggressive dogs
Confirming the conventional wisdom that dogs match the personality of their owners, a new study has found that low agreeableness is the best predictor of a preference for those dogs seen as more aggressive, such as bull terriers or boxers. ANI

Thinking in foreign language reduces dumb decisions
People who think problems through in a foreign language - and it doesn't matter which one - make more rational decisions and are more apt to take smart risks, especially in the financial realm, according to a recent study. ANI

Promiscuity could be 'costly' for sparrows
Usually female song sparrows stray from their breeding partner and mate with male next door. ANI

Now, improve your physical self by training brain
Researchers have designed an innovative programme that enables us to learn how to love our bodies and faces and to improve our physical self-concept. ANI

China's mobile phone users hit 1.03 bln
China's mobile phone users hit a record high of 1.03 billion at the end of April, data released Wednesday by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) showed. ANI

Flu shot during pregnancy cuts risk of stillborn, preterm and small babies
Getting a flu shot during pregnancy provides unanticipated benefits to the baby, according to a large population-based study. ANI

Code for new drug resistant superbugs cracked
Scientists have determined the genetic sequences of all strains of a drug resistant superbug, a finding that could help develop new ways to prevent and treat infection by such bacteria. ANI

Facebook conducts Timeline redesign tests
Facebook is conducting a small test of its Timeline redesign, on the popular social networking site, the company has confirmed. ANI

'Mind-boggling' material that stretches when compressed on anvil
Researchers have come up with an avant-garde material that expands every time it is put under pressure. ANI

Interactive Google Doodle honours synthesizer inventor Robert Moog
Search giant Google on Wednesday celebrated American electronic music icon Robert Moog's 78th birthday with a doodle of a playable and recordable Moog synthesizer. ANI

Soon, 'intelligent' robot that designs tools on its own
Researchers are constructing a robot that is intelligent and capable enough to build its own set of tools. ANI

TV remote control inventor Eugene Polley passes away at 96
Eugene Polley, inventor of first wireless TV remote control, died on Sunday at a Chicago hospital. He was 96. ANI

Now, social network for 'the dying' that unites users on 'last wish' wall
A software development company based in India has launched a new social network dubbed 'My Last wish' to help fulfill the ultimate dreams of the people who are dying. ANI

Samsung S3 named bestseller pre-ordered phone of the year
Samsung's new Galaxy S3 phone has become the fastest selling-pre-order phone of the year, according to Europe's largest independent mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse. ANI

Scientists deploy genetics to find evidence of Bigfoot and Yeti
A new university-backed project is aiming to investigate cryptic species such as the yeti whose existence is unproven, through genetic testing. ANI

US firm creates text-controlled 'robotic barista' coffee maker
A US company has developed a coffee machine that can simply be controlled by sending text messages. ANI

New service to turn your car into talking personal assistant
A US based multinational computer software technology corporation, which specializes in voice and language solutions, announced a new product on Tuesday that will turn your car into a Siri-like computer personal assistant. ANI

Expanding universe 'may be making picture bleak for future cosmologists'
The universe is a spectacularly complex place, studded with galaxies and larger-scale structures that have evolved over its 13.7-billion-year history. ANI

New fossil reveals evolutionary history of Jurassic dinosaurs
New fossil material found in Patagonia has shed light on the evolution of dinosaurs in the Jurassic age. ANI

New breast cancer test to precisely predict if tumour will return post surgery
A breast cancer test that could spare thousands of women the ordeal of chemotherapy could be available in the UK this year. ANI

90m homes may be automated globally by 2017
90 million houses around the world will have some form of home automation system in place by 2017, a study revealed. ANI

Pill for irregular heartbeat shown green flag
The first one-a-day pill, Rivaroxaban, for patients with an irregular heartbeat has been given the go-ahead. ANI

Teens using Facebook and Twitter behind the wheel 'dicing with death'
Thousands of teenagers are using smartphones to log on as they drive, as well as sending emails, tweeting and texting, it has been revealed. ANI

How nanotechnology can help detect disease earlier
Scientists have described a new way to precisely detect a single chemical at extremely low concentrations and high contamination. ANI

Breast milk antibodies help neutralize HIV
Breast milk may hold key to developing vaccine for HIV. ANI

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