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Technology News on May 22, 2012

Chemical exposure ups descendants' sensitivity to stress
Animals whose ancestors were exposed to an environmental compound generations earlier have been found to developed an increased reaction to stress, according to a new study. ANI

First private commercial flight blasts off for International space station
A California-based firm called SpaceX has become the first private company to launch a spacecraft to the International Space Station. ANI

New iPhone app identifies friends and tags photos on Facebook
A new iPhone app that automatically recognises and tags friends on Facebook has been unveiled. ANI

Global warming intensifying water cycle
Australian scientists have detected changing patterns of salinity in the global ocean during the past 50 years, marking a clear fingerprint of climate change. ANI

Invisibility cloaking allows new light-detecting device 'see without being seen'
Using "plasmonic cloaking," engineers at Stanford and the University of Pennsylvania have created an invisible, light-detecting device that can "see without being seen." ANI

Breast-fed babies' gut microbes may boost immunity
Differences in bacterial colonization of the infant gut in formula-fed and breast-fed babies lead to changes in the expression of genes involved in the infant's immune system, a new study has revealed. ANI

Flu 'Holy Grail' comes closer to reality
The pandemic 2009 H1N1 vaccine can generate antibodies in vaccinated individuals not only against the H1N1 virus, but also against other influenza virus strains including H5N1 and H3N2, researchers say. ANI

Russia likely to halt joint space program with Ukraine, Kazakhstan
Russia is "very likely" to halt its joint Dnepr space program with Ukraine and Kazakhstan due to commercial and environmental concerns, federal space agency Roscosmos said Tuesday. ANI

Abdominal fat removal cuts skin cancer in mice
Surgical removal of abdominal fat from mice fed a high-fat diet reduces the risk of ultraviolet-light induced skin cancer, researchers say. ANI

Facebook chat window being used to spread new virus
A new virus is reportedly spreading across computers through the chat window of the social networking giant Facebook. ANI

Empathy cells found in monkey brains
Researchers have uncovered rare brain cells in monkeys, which can be tied to self-awareness and empathy in Planck scientists found that the anterior insular cortex is a small brain region that plays a crucial role in human self-awareness and in related neuropsychiatric disorders. ANI

Simple 10-min test can spot Alzheimer's before brain gets badly damaged
A simple ten-minute memory test will effectively screen patients for early signs of Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia, allowing faster treatment. ANI

Violent video games 'up accuracy but turn gamers into deadly shooters'
Playing violent shooting-based video games may not only perk up firing accuracy but at the same time influence players to aim for the head when using a real gun, a new study has revealed. ANI

Giant magnetic space whirlpools give Mercury plasma shower
NASA's Messenger spacecraft have detected Kelvin-Helmholtz waves, like on the Earth, around Mercury. ANI

Sticky feet could help robots land on asteroids
A new biologically inspired robot could one day crawl over the surface of an asteroid or Mars and gather samples for study using lots of tiny, mechanical "toes." ANI

Dragon capsule to `beam up` Scotty's ashes
A privately owned rocket is set to blast cremated remains of James Doohan, best known as Scotty of Star Trek, into space on Tuesday. ANI

Google Chrome leapfrogs Internet Explorer to be world's most used web browser
Google Chrome has now overtaken Internet Explorer to become the world's most widely used web browser. ANI

Cell network security loopholes revealed
Popular firewall technology which is designed to boost security on cellular networks can backfire, unwittingly revealing data that could help a hacker break into Facebook and Twitter accounts, say computer experts from the University of Michigan. ANI

How parasites cause most lethal form of malaria
Researchers have uncovered new knowledge related to host-parasite interaction in severe malaria, concerning how malaria parasites are able to bind to cells in the brain and cause cerebral malaria - the most lethal form of the disease. ANI

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