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Technology News on May 19, 2012

New $ 35k power shower 'controls whims, moods and needs'
A German manufacturer has come up with the world's first digital horizontal shower for home use - priced at whopping 35,000 dollars. ANI

Quantum computers come closer to reality
Researchers from the University of Cambridge and Toshiba Research Europe Ltd. have taken one step towards creating quantum computers by developing an all-semiconductor quantum logic gate, a controlled-NOT (CNOT) gate. ANI

Now, Twitter to determine presidential candidate's popularity
Engineers have developed a Web-based application that can gauge the popularity of the 2012 presidential candidates. ANI

Facebook workers celebrate IPO windfall with all-night 'hackathon' at HQ
Facebook employees, who have just become some of the richest men on the planet after the IPO bonus, hardly even bothered to open the champagne to celebrate the occasion at the company's headquarters in California. ANI

Titan may have hidden 'self-portrait' in grisly masterpiece
Art historians have shed light on an intriguing new detail noticed in one of Titian's grisliest paintings ever - The Martyrdom of St Lawrence. ANI

Bronze age 'Facebook' conveyed 'primitive likes'
A new study has likened an ancient rock to a prehistoric form of Facebook. ANI

Pollution warms atmosphere by teaming up with thunderclouds
A new computational study has concluded that pollution is warming the atmosphere through summer thunderstorm clouds. ANI

Now, indoor navigation system for blind that can run on smartphone
Computer engineers at the University of Nevada, Reno, have developed an indoor navigation system for people with visual impairments, which can run on a standard smartphone. ANI

New 'super-fast' silicon memory chip developed
Researchers at UCL have developed the first purely silicon oxide-based 'Resistive RAM' memory chip that can operate in ambient conditions - opening up the possibility of new super-fast memory. ANI

How exercise improves learning and memory
The benefits of exercise on the brain have been revealed in many previous studies. ANI

Rare 'ring of fire' solar eclipse to grace Sunday skies
A partial solar eclipse, which will see the moon completely block out the sun except for a 'ring of fire' around the moon's edge, is set to offer a spectacular site for observers on May 20. ANI

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