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Technology News on May 16, 2012

GPS-style gadget could steer shoppers through maze-like shopping malls
Researchers have come up with a navigation system, which works indoors, to guide shoppers through the winding corridors of large shopping centres and complexes. ANI

A third of wildlife has vanished
The world's wildlife has fallen by almost a third over the past 40 years, according to a new landmark research. ANI

Wikipedia warns users 'fake ads' on website nothing but malware
Wikipedia has warned its users that if they see commercial ads on the online encyclopedia, it possibly means their web browser has been infected with a virus. ANI

Quantum teleportation record smashed
Chinese engineers have shed a new record for quantum teleportation by successfully pairing particles over a distance of 97km. ANI

Gene variants that speed progression of Parkinson's disease identified
A new discovery may hold the key to determine which Parkinson's disease patients will experience a more rapid decline in motor function, sparking hopes for the development of new therapies and helping identify those who could benefit most from early intervention. ANI

Soon, typing style to become 'digital fingerprint'
Typing styles are as unique as fingerprints and could soon be used to verify the identity of computer users, according to a new study. ANI

Technology blamed for rising 'smartphone face'
Those who are addicted to modern technologies, like mobiles and laptop, may be at risk of sagging jowls, say aesthetic experts. ANI

Our natural body odour 'most seductive scent'
While perfume houses spent millions on developing new scents and attracting celebrity endorsements, researchers claim body odour could be the most seductive way to attract someone. ANI

Dogs 'may have helped modern man to flourish over Neanderthals'
Our close friendship with dogs tipped the balance in favour of modern man over the Neanderthals, who had previously occupied present-day Europe for a staggering 250,000 years, an anthropologist has suggested. ANI

'Nerve rewiring' puts life into paralyzed hand
A paralyzed man has regained his hand function after a pioneering nerve rewiring procedure. ANI

'Frozen' Dino-era insects reveal oldest record of pollination
Researchers have discovered the first ever record of insect pollination, which got preserved in tree raisin over 100 million ago. ANI

Drive for success could be in our genes
Some people are born a success, say scientists who have shown that much of our predisposition towards determination, sociability and self-control and sense of purpose is in our genes. ANI

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg 'only eats animals he's killed himself'
Mark Zuckerberg, who has been voted as the world's worst dresses man, only eats animals that he has killed himself. ANI

Air pollution may be global risk factor for cardiovascular disease
Changes in air pollution during the 2008 Beijing Olympics were associated with changes in biomarkers of systemic inflammation and thrombosis (formation of blood clot) as well as measures of cardiovascular physiology in healthy young persons, according to a study. ANI

Indian origin programmer turns tweets into Shakespeare poems
An Indian origin computer programmer living in US has written an algorithm that turns millions of tweets into poetry. ANI

Even dinosaurs may have suffered painful arthritis
Researchers have for the first time revealed that dinosaurs suffered arthritis in their huge joints. ANI

Earth may really be a sort of giant living organism
Researchers have discovered new evidence that may back the famous Gaia hypothesis of Earth as a living organism. ANI

Even everyday sounds 'may be hazardous to hearing'
Seemingly harmless sounds like the whir of a desk fan may be enough to damage hearing, a new study has revealed. ANI

2 Earths not enough to sustain human activity by 2030, experts warn
Mankind is draining the earth's resources so quickly that the globe would be bled dry before the end of the century at this rate, a new report has revealed. ANI

Drugs from lizard saliva reduces food cravings
A drug made from the saliva of the Gila monster lizard has been found effective in reducing cravings for food. ANI

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