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Technology News on May 14, 2012

Rise and fall of underwater volcano captured
Researchers have recorded the violent rise and collapse of an underwater volcano in the Pacific Ocean in surprising clarity for the first time. ANI

'Mirage Table' brings augmented reality to life
Microsoft has come up with an augmented reality system that allows users at different locations to work together on tabletop activities, sharing objects, which they can both handle. ANI

Sunscreen ingredient may up skin cancer risk
Contrary to popular belief that sunscreen protects bodies from overexposure and possibly from skin cancer, researchers are discovering that the product may not be so safe after all. ANI

Apple ceases branding new iPad '4G capable' in Australia, other countries
Tech giant Apple in Australia and some other countries has ceased branding its latest third generation iPad tablet as 4G capable, instead using the term 'WiFi + Cellular'. ANI

Worms may hold key to developing new synthetic blood substitutes
Worms' powerful oxygen-carrying abilities may be used in developing a new generation of synthetic blood substitutes for people, scientists say. ANI

Being born in winter may affect your mental health
The season in which a baby is born apparently influences the risk of developing mental disorders later in life, suggest researchers including one of Indian origin. ANI

Powerful drug growing in Colombia forests turns people into 'zombies'
A hazardous drug derived from a particular type of tree common in Colombia can eliminate free will and can wipe the memory of its victims. ANI

Scientists make discovery of mutation causing genetic disorder in humans
Scientists at Singapore's Institute of Medical Biology (IMB), in collaboration with doctors and scientists in Jordan, Turkey, Switzerland and the United States, have identified the genetic cause of a birth defect known as Hamamy syndrome. ANI

Steve Jobs' 'temperamental nature' landed him on night shift, says Apple co-founder Wozniak
Steve Jobs was asked to work in the night shift in his young days because of his 'temperamental nature', Apple's co-founder Steve Wozniak has revealed. ANI

Ingredients to create quantum electronic devices listed
Duke University engineers have created a master "ingredient list" describing the properties of more than 2,000 compounds that might be combined to create the next generation of quantum electronic devices. ANI

Moon has been 'actively growing and shrinking' in recent past
Moon is often considered as a geologically dead fixture in our sky. ANI

Stone Age men may have been first 'rave party animals'
Researchers have shed light on how Neolithic Britons invented the 'art of raving'. ANI

'Macintosh crashes were Microsoft's fault', says Apple co-founder Wozniak
Tech giant Apple's co-founder Steve Wozniak has said that Microsoft was responsible for Macintosh's constant program crashes. ANI

Compound in red wine and red grapes may help combat Alzheimer's
More than two dozen academic institutions will recruit volunteers in the coming months for a national, phase II clinical trial to examine the effects of resveratrol on individuals with mild to moderate dementia due to Alzheimer's disease. ANI

Low cost metallic paper touchpads 'offer high-tech functionality'
Present day computer touchscreens, which are nearly ubiquitous on laptops, tablets and smartphones, are often made of glass or plastic that is heavy, inflexible and even breakable. ANI

Hearing and touch sensitivity may be genetically linked
Sensitivity to touch is heritable and apparently linked to hearing as well, according to a new study. ANI

New type of retinal prosthesis may help restore sight to blind people
Scientists at the Stanford University School of Medicine have devised a system using tiny solar-panel-like cells surgically placed underneath the retina, which may someday restore sight to people who have lost vision because of certain types of degenerative eye diseases. ANI

Electricity generated from harmless viruses
Scientists including one of an Indian origin have made a breakthrough that could lead to tiny devices that harvest electrical energy from the vibrations of everyday tasks such as shutting a door or climbing stairs. ANI

BP drugs don't reduce colorectal cancer risk
Contrary to current thinking, researchers of new study have found that taking beta blockers that treat high blood pressure does not decrease a person's risk of developing colorectal cancer. ANI

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