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Technology News on May 13, 2012

Why you may look as you sound
A professional artist in UK has set up an experiment to find out if people who look the same also sound the same. ANI

Google glasses could 'layer email, web searches and GPS over the world'
Google has released the first official picture taken with its 'Project Glass' techno-glasses - hi-tech specs that 'layer' computer information over the world. ANI

'Connected cars' may allow drivers to 'log-on' to their vehicle
Until self-driving cars become routine, automobile makers are focussing on adding comprehensive connectivity to cars. ANI

Japan 'may face extinction in 1000 years'
Japanese researchers have unveiled a population clock that shows that the nation's people could theoretically become extinct in 1000 years due to declining birth rates. ANI

Soon, self-adapting computer network that defends itself against hackers
In the online struggle for network protection, cybersecurity experts are adding an ally to the security force: the computer network itself. ANI

Why some movie lines take hold in people's minds better than others
Researchers have apparently found the secret of what makes some statements memorable - be it a line from a movie, an advertising slogan or a politician's catchphrase. ANI

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