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Technology News on May 12, 2012

Electronic menus let customers to order, pay and play
Some eating joints in places like California and New York are changing their menus to electronic ones that will let customers order food without waiters, play games, and even "like" items on Facebook. ANI

Music makes babies more responsive
Singing rhymes and lullabies to babies makes them smile more and communicate better, a study has found. ANI

Vitamin K2 offers new hope for Parkinson's patients
A neuroscientist has succeeded in undoing the effect of one of the genetic defects that leads to Parkinson's using vitamin K2. ANI

'Switch' that boosts 'innate immunity' to ward off infectious diseases discovered
In a new study, scientists have for the first time identified the molecular 'switch' that directly triggers the body's first line of defence against pathogens, more accurately known as the body's "innate immunity". ANI

Ash from Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajkull 'read' 2 years after its eruption
In a new study, scientists have presented the results and models, made in 2010 to follow the path of the ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajkull, which will help to prevent the consequences of such natural phenomena. ANI

Liquid shot to heart could save dying soldiers in remote areas
An injection that stabilises the heart following massive blood loss could save wounded soldiers or injured civilians in remote locations, says an Australian scientist. ANI

Rhinos and elephants act as 'gardeners' of tropical forests
The progressive disappearance of seed-dispersing animals like elephants and rhinoceroses is putting the structural integrity and biodiversity of the tropical forest of South-East Asia at risk, researchers have warned. ANI

Technology to measure sand movement on Mars developed
A new technology developed by scientists has allowed them to measure the sand dunes and ripples moving across the surface of Mars for the very first time. ANI

VISTA captures image of vast ball of stars encircling our galaxy
About 160 globular clusters have been spotted encircling our galaxy, the Milky Way, mostly toward its bulging centre. ANI

Apple to drop Google Maps from iOS 6: report
Apple will drop Google Maps from its upcoming mobile platform iOS 6 in favor of its own mapping system, it was reported on Friday. ANI

New 'e-bra' to track health stats and send them directly to your smartphone
A team of researchers, including one of Indian-origin, has upgraded the trend of wearable sensors embedded into textiles by developing a new health-monitoring system, dubbed "e-bra", which is designed to be built into a sports bra. ANI

Social media sites 'spur teens to commit suicide'
Text messaging and social media sites like Bebo have contributed to the spread of suicide in a spate of teen deaths, a new study has claimed. ANI

'Smart watch' to display your texts after inventors raise $10m in 3 weeks
Scientists have developed a smart watch that can pair with the user's phones to receive and display text messages. ANI

Apple planning to launch $200-$250 7-inch iPad in October: Report
Tech giant Apple is reportedly planning to launch a smaller-seven-inch version of the iPad in October this year. ANI

Soon, electronic nose app for smart phones to diagnose illness in a jiffy
In a new study, researchers are working to manufacture a smart phone attachment that works when used in conjunction with what they call sensory vapour technology. ANI

Indian origin programmer turns tweets into poems
An Indian origin computer programmer living in US has written an algorithm that turns millions of tweets into poetry. ANI

Crows can identify familiar human voices
Crows have the ability to recognise familiar human voices and the calls of familiar birds from other species, say researchers. ANI

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