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Mark Zuckerberg world's 29th richest person after Facebook's IPO

May 18, 2012 - Washington

Mark Zuckerberg, who is now worth 19.1 billion dollars, has now become the 29th richest in the world after Facebook Inc. sold 421.2 million shares valued for 38 dollars each on Thursday.

Zuckerberg, who first showed up on Forbes' billionaires list in 2008 with an estimated net worth of 1.5 billion dollars, is now richer than Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Bloomberg reports.

However, he's not quite as wealthy as Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who is worth 60.4 billion dollars, or Oracle's Larry Ellison, who is worth 34.2 billion dollars, according to Bloomberg's Billionaires Index, LA Times reported.

For that matter, Zuckerberg is also worth less than Michael Bloomberg himself, who Forbes estimates is worth 22 billion dollars.

Of course, Zuckerberg isn't the only person seeing a huge windfall from Facebook's 104.2-billion-dollar valuation.

According to Bloomberg, Dustin Moskovitz, who roomed with Zuckerberg at Harvard and was the company's first chief technology officer, is now worth 5.1 billion dollars.

Eduardo Saverin, who has created headlines this week when it was revealed that he renounced his U.S. citizenship, is now worth an estimated 2.7 billion dollars.

Christopher Hughes, who recently bought theWashington, D.C.-based magazine the New Republic, may now be worth 836 million dollars.

Additionally, Facebook's Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, 42, who owns 27 million shares-including 25 million in restricted stock units-is now a billionaire.


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