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Technology News on March 5, 2012

Now, violin strings made of spider silk
A Japanese researcher has spun thousands of strands of spider silk to create a set of violin strings. ANI

How eyeless Hydra responds to light
Researchers have shed light on how stinging cells of fresh water polyps called hydra allow them to react to light even in the absence of eyes. ANI

Brain flexibility gives hope for thought-controlled prosthetic devices
Neuroscientists have demonstrated that brain is more flexible and trainable than previously thought. ANI

Microchips could be 'future of medicine'
Medical device companies are now looking forward to make their products easily traceable. ANI

Boosting cell production could help repair damaged liver
Scientists have shed light on how the liver can heal itself by increasing the production of key cells required to treat damaged liver tissue. ANI

How soil bacteria follow 'unfavoured ring route'
Researchers have identified how antibiotic-producing bacteria challenge a longstanding set of chemical rules, thus paving the way for new synthesis of polyether drugs. ANI

LEDs and camera used to create 'invisible' Mercedes Benz
Using optical camouflage, technology experts at Mercedez Benz have figured out how to make an entire car disappear. ANI

New crowning technique for decayed teeth to end painful fillings
A new technique for treating tooth decay could put an end to painful fillings that prevent millions of people from going to the dentist. ANI

'Unusual' fireball that dazzled Victorians was probably meteor shower
When a fireball streaked through the sky last night, many Victorians thought a plane had crashed. ANI

Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone 'to be unveiled in UK in April'
Samsung's new smartphone, the Galaxy S III, is likely to be launched in Britain in April. ANI

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