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Technology News on March 28, 2012

Chemical microgradients trigger coral death at Great Barrier Reef
Researchers have examined corals from the Great Barrier Reef affected by the Black Band Disease and identified the critical parameters that allow this prevalent disease to cause wide mortality of corals around the world. ANI

Simply seeing alcohol-related images increases racial stereotyping
Alcohol consumption can lead to increased expression of racial stereotyping, say psychologists. ANI

Cattle descended from small herd domesticated around 10,500 years ago
DNA studies have suggested that all cattle are descended from as few as 80 animals that were domesticated from wild ox in the Near East some 10,500 years ago. ANI

Blocking 'oh-glick-nack' may help boost long-term memory
Researchers have implicated a sugar as a health menace and blocking its action may have benefits that comprise improving long-term memory in older people and treating cancer. ANI

Living human gut-on-a-chip could reveal intestinal disorders
Researchers have come up with a gut-on-a-chip microdevice lined by living human cells that mimics the structure, physiology, and mechanics of the human intestine. ANI

Oldest 'impossible' alien worlds discovered
Scientists have discovered two giant exoplanets orbiting a metal-poor star 375 light-years away. ANI

Male bottlenose dolphins engage in extensive bisexuality
An unprecedented open society of bottlenose dolphins that have an extremely complex, free and open lifestyle has just been identified in Western Australia. ANI

West Antarctic ice shelves may be 'fracturing and retreating inland'
Floating ice shelves of a critical portion of West Antarctica are gradually losing their hold on adjacent bay walls, potentially intensifying an already accelerating loss of ice to the sea, a new study has revealed. ANI

Mars 'dominantly composed of glass'
The surface of Mars comprised a number of lava flows and other signs of effusive volcanism. ANI

Infant imitation not guided by rational thinking
Scientists have ruled out rational thinking as a reason for children's selective imitation. ANI

Cities may expand by area equal to 3 nations combined within 20 yrs
Burgeoning urbanization may pose a threat to humanity as experts have asserted that unless development patterns change, humanity's urban footprint will occupy an additional 1.5 million square kilometres by 2030. ANI

Cradle of humanity found to be 25 mln yrs older than thought
Scientists have suggested new age for 'The Great Rift Valley of East Africa'-the birthplace of the human species- asserting that it may have taken much longer to develop than earlier believed. ANI

Facebook could make teen girls depressed
Facebook may help people connect but spending too much time on the social networking site can make teenage girls depressed, a US psychologist has warned. ANI

Alcohol and cannabis use linked to Internet gambling
People who drink alcohol and used cannabis appear to be more likely to be enticed to online gambling, a new study has found. ANI

Soon, Harry Potter style cloak that can hide objects from heat
Researchers have proposed a new type of invisibility cloak that can shield objects from heat. ANI

US man's full-face transplant acclaimed as most extensive to date
A multi-disciplinary team of faculty physicians and a team of over 150 nurses and professional staff have completed the most extensive full face transplant ever, including both jaws, teeth, and tongue. ANI

Comets deposited building blocks of life on primordial Earth
Scientists have come up with further evidence to support the idea that comets bombarding Earth billions of years ago carried and deposited the key ingredients for life to spring up on the planet. ANI

Laser-armed satellites show promise to deflect asteroids
Engineers are developing a groundbreaking technique based on lasers that could radically change asteroid deflection technology. ANI

Thyme may be better than prescription creams for acne
Herbal preparations of thyme may provide a better treatment for skin acne than prescription creams, scientists have revealed. ANI

Now, Harry Potter ebooks at Pottermore website
The Harry Potter series has made its e-book debut as all seven books are now available for download on Pottermore website. ANI

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