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Technology News on March 27, 2012

Traditional media still popular among youngsters despite rise of Internet
A new study on young people's media habits on behalf of NORDICOM at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, has revealed that almost every youngster in the country is accessing internet, but that doesn't means they have stopped using the traditional media. ANI

Electronic gadgets top distractions for teen drivers
Use of electronic devices is a leading distraction for teen drivers, and girls are twice as likely as boys to use cell phones or other electronic devices while driving, a new study has found. ANI

Gene responsible for fatty liver disease in obese kids identified
Researchers have found that obese youths with particular genetic variants may be more prone to fatty liver disease, a leading cause of chronic liver disease in children and adolescents in industrialized countries. ANI

Vitamin turns into 'gymnast' inside our body
Scientists have captured first full image of vitamin B12 - which forms a part of our nutritious diet like all other vitamins and minerals - in action. ANI

Venice 'sinking 5 times faster than thought'
Scientists say Venice is sinking into the water more than five times quicker than previously thought and the city is also gradually tilting eastwards into Adriatic Sea, as it is hit by more floods than ever before. ANI

Satellites 'signalling' thawing permafrost
Satellites are observing changes in land surfaces in high detail at northern latitudes, pointing towards thawing permafrost. ANI

Now, gel that stops facial hair from growing!
Every month women spend lots of money going to parlours to get rid of unwanted hairs on their body. ANI

Now, BlackBerry device that 'captures your eyes' to transmit your identity
Canadian mobile making firm Research in Motion now plans to offer iris-recognition functionality in some of its BlackBerry devices. ANI

New plastics 'bleed' when cut or scratched and heal itself like human skin
Scientists have developed a new genre of plastics that mimic the human skin's ability to heal scratches and cuts. ANI

Now, you can add 'enemies' to your Facebook profiles
Facebook is no more a platform for friends only, users of the social network can now add their enemies too. ANI

Soon, computer program to tell when you're lying
Researchers including two of Indian origin have come up with a computer system that reads visual cues on the human face. ANI

Mystery cloud spotted on Mars
Scientists are baffled by a bizarre phenomenon they observed on Mars last week. ANI

3D solar towers could up power output by 20 pc
Researchers have come up with innovative 3D solar panel designs, which could offer power output ranging from double to more than 20 times that of traditional fixed flat panels with the same base area. ANI

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