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Technology News on March 23, 2012

Canadian man jailed for 8 yrs over 4 million dollars McDonald's scam
A Canadian man, Navaneeth Ponnambalam, has been awarded eight years imprisonment on Friday for skimming cards scam of 4 million dollars at McDonald restaurant. ANI

Drugs for diabetes and cancer may be used to treat dengue
Scientists have identified enzymes and biochemical compounds called lipids that are targeted and modified by the dengue virus during infection. ANI

Anxiety 'enhances sense of smell'
Anxious people have a heightened sense of smell when it comes to sniffing out a threat, a new study has found. ANI

Harnessing neurons in mouse brains 'helps partially control memory'
In a new study, scientists have found a way to partially control a specific memory in mice by turning neurons in their brains on and off. ANI

Effects of alcohol on cognitive function evaluated
Researchers have found no significant association between alcohol intake and cognitive functioning in a Mendelian randomization study. ANI

Autistic people 'have greater ability to process information'
People with autism have a greater than normal capacity for processing information even from rapid presentations and are better able to detect information defined as "critical", a new study has claimed. ANI

Beta cell stress may trigger development of type 1diabetes
Scientists have found that a specific type of cellular stress takes place in pancreatic beta cells before the onset of type 1 diabetes. ANI

Prenatal exposure to pollutants 'may cause behavioural problems in kids'
Mothers' exposure to a class of air pollutants called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) during pregnancy can lead to behavioural problems in their children, a new study has found. ANI

What allows continents to gradually shift their position over millions of years
Findings of a new study has given insight into what allows plate tectonics - the movement of the Earth's crustal plates - to occur. ANI

Exposing kids to germs could make them healthier
Researchers have provided evidence supporting the concept of exposing people to germs at an early age (i.e., childhood) to build immunity - dubbed as hygiene hypothesis. ANI

Dutch 'bird man' admits his flying video is fake
The Dutch 'bird man' who posted a video showing a successful 'test flight' of a wing suit contraption has confessed that he is actually a 'filmmaker and animator,' not an engineer as claimed, and the amazing feat was a hoax. ANI

Why WikiLeaks' radical transparency vision failed
The scale and implication of the 2010 WikiLeaks disclosures were overstated, according to a new research. ANI

Runaway planets may be zooming out of our galaxy at a fraction of light-speed
Scientists have confirmed the existence of runaway planets, some of which zoom through space at a few percent of the speed of light - up to 30 million miles per hour.even years ago, astronomers boggled when they found the first runaway star flying out of our Galaxy at a speed of 1.5 million miles per hour. ANI

Device invisible to magnetic fields created
Scientists have developed a cylinder, which hides contents and makes them invisible to magnetic fields. ANI

Our genes could be making us fat
Scientists have identified two specific genes that may determine some people's ability to taste and enjoy dietary fat. ANI

Exercise helps astronauts stay healthy in space
Earlier studies have clearly showed that astronauts on extended missions suffered serious deficits from lengthy times in a low-gravity environment, including dizziness when standing up, considerable loss of bone mass, and impaired muscle function. ANI

New class of landform detected on Mars
University of Washington geologists have discovered an odd, previously unseen landform on Mars, which they believe could provide a window into the geological history of the red planet. ANI

Google Chrome took brief lead from Internet Explorer on March 18
Google Chrome briefly emerged as the world's most popular web browser last weekend, overtaking Microsoft's Internet Explorer for the first time, according to statistics. ANI

Spotify unveils series of new music applications
Spotify has launched 13 new applications that are developed by a range of record labels and music distributors in a bid to offer more rounded music experience on its service. ANI

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