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Technology News on March 21, 2012

152 inch TV weighing 600 kg up for sale at 600k pounds
A 152 inch Panasonic television weighing 600 kilos has gone on sale for 600,000 pounds at Harrods, UK's departmental store chain. ANI

Most US adults back education, not criminal charges for youth sexting
Vast majority of adults in US do not support legal consequences for teens who sext, according to a new poll. ANI

Cosmic effect detection may bring universe's evolution into sharper focus
The first observation of a cosmic effect theorized 40 years ago could provide a more accurate tool for understanding the forces behind the universe's formation and growth, including the enigmatic phenomena of dark energy and dark matter, researchers say. ANI

New pipewort species discovered from unique but fragile habitat in India
Indian botanists have discovered a new species of pipewort in the foot hills of the Western Ghats, India. ANI

30 Indonesian women 'accidentally' colonised Madagascar 1200 yrs ago
The land of strange animals and an incredible biodiversity hotspot, Madagascar was also one of the last places to be inhabited by humans. ANI

Marijuana-like chemicals hinder HIV in late-stage AIDS
Marijuana-like chemicals set off receptors on human immune cells that can directly inhibit a type of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) found in late-stage AIDS, a new study has revealed. ANI

Venice continues to sink slowly
Though previous studies had found that Venice has stabilized, new measurements indicate that the historic city continues to slowly sink, and even to tilt slightly to the east. ANI

Environmental pollutant BPA could affect females' reproductive capabilities
Bisphenol A (BPA), an industrial chemical and environmental pollutant found in many hard plastic products, could not only affect the heart, brain and nervous system, it could also affect a mammal's ability to reproduce by altering the structure of the uterus in ways that can progress to a potentially fatal infection. ANI

Now, robotic jellyfish powered by hydrogen
Researchers at Virgina Tech have created a hydrogen-powered robotic jellyfish, named Robojelly, which could be used in underwater search and rescue operations. ANI

Super-Earth unlikely to transfer life to other planets
Scientists believe that conditions suitable for life might exist on Planet d, known as "super-Earth" in the Gliese 581 planetary system. ANI

Blood pressure difference in both arms 'could signal heart risk'
Differences in systolic blood pressure between arms could be a useful indicator of the likelihood of vascular risk and death, scientists have said. ANI

Male fruit flies put more effort into mating after meeting rivals
Male fruit flies consistently change their mating behaviour depending on whether they have spent time with other males before mating, according to a new study. ANI

Smell of food could determine bite sizes
Researchers have found that strong smell of food leads to smaller bite sizes, and suggest that aroma may be used as a means to control portion size. ANI

Nokia's 'magnetic tattoos' could alert you when your phone rings
'Nokia' has applied for a patent on tattoos that would sense and alert a user when his mobile phone rings or has low battery. ANI

'Cosmic crumbs' may tell tale of explosive stars with good table manners
An exploding star known as a Type Ia supernova plays a vital role in our understanding of the universe. ANI

Personality traits traced in brain
A personality profile marked by extremely gregarious yet anxious behaviour is embedded in abnormal development of a circuit hub buried deep in the front centre of the brain, a new study has revealed. ANI

NASA satellite probes origin of exploding stars
Researchers have shed new light into the elusive origins of an important class of exploding star called Type Ia supernovae. ANI

Not just birds, human noise affects plants too
Man-made noise doesn't just affects birds and other animals, it has ripple effects on plants too, researchers say. ANI

Soon, camera that uses opaque walls as 'mirrors' to peer around corners
Researchers led by one of Indian origin have come up with a new imaging system could use opaque walls, doors or floors as 'mirrors' to collect information about scenes outside its line of sight. ANI

Turmeric compound shows promise for Parkinson's treatment
Curcumin, a compound found in the spice turmeric, has been found to be effective at preventing clumping of a protein involved in Parkinson's disease. ANI

New iPad runs 12 degrees hotter than earlier models during intensive use
Apple's new third generation iPad runs significantly hotter than its two predecessors during intensive use, a test by the consumer magazine has revealed. ANI

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