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Technology News on March 19, 2012

Revolutionary software may eliminate need of computer passwords
Computer experts are looking forward to ways through which people can start working right away by just typing their user name - no password required. ANI

Migrating humans `carried mouse to colonies`
The timeline of mouse colonization is similar to that of Viking invasion, according to a new study. ANI

Bone marrow transplant arrests symptoms of Rett syndrome in mice
Using bone marrow transplant (BMT) to replace faulty immune system cells in mouse models of Rett Syndrome, arrested many severe symptoms of the childhood disorder, including abnormal breathing and movement, and significantly extended the rodents' lifespan. ANI

Early 'see-sawing' Earth experienced hazy shades of life
Earth's early atmosphere fluctuated between 'organic haze' and a 'haze-free' environment similar to that of Saturn's moon, Titan, a new study has revealed. ANI

Protein used to treat cancer modified to boost potency, reduce toxicity
Scientists have improved potency and reduced side effects of a naturally occurring protein used to treat cancers. ANI

Japanese traditional therapy may help prevent inflammatory brain damage
A compound used in traditional Japanese medicine, honokiol (HNK), plays a role in blocking key protein in inflammatory brain damage, a new study led by Indian origin scientist has suggested. ANI

Your face can give the game away when you lie
Liars might think they are good at covering up their deceit, but their faces can tell whether he or she is lying. ANI

Exercise can trigger female orgasm, sexual pleasure
A new study has confirmed anecdotal evidence that exercise - absent sex or fantasies - can lead to female orgasm. ANI

Gluttony gene that makes you eat more even when you are full identified
Researchers have revealed how a mutation in a single gene is responsible for the inability of neurons to effectively pass along appetite suppressing signals from the body to the right place in the brain, which results in obesity caused by a voracious appetite. ANI

Free apps may be behind short battery life of cell phones
Paid applications may probably help your mobile phone battery last longer as almost 75 percent of the energy consumed by free versions of apps is exhausted serving up ads or tracking and uploading user information, a new study including Indian origin researcher has revealed. ANI

Gene variant in East Asians could explain resistance to cancer drugs
Scientists have now found answer to why some patients fail to respond to some of the most successful cancer drugs. ANI

Human stem cell injections ease Parkinson's symptoms in monkeys
An injection of human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) into their brain helped monkeys with Parkinson's disease-like symptoms ease their suffering, say Japanese scientists. ANI

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