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Technology News on March 14, 2012

Apple sued by iPhone 4S users over Siri
A New York man has filed a lawsuit against Apple for misleading iPhone4S customers over Siri. ANI

Apple's iPad emerges leading tablet for businesses: Poll
Apple's iPad has dominated the tablet market so far, and will remain the top tablet despite rival tablets grabbing its market share, a new survey has revealed. ANI

Molecular mechanism behind low back pain identified
Italian researchers have found an important molecular mechanism responsible for low back pain and other acute vertebral problems like cervical axial pain, all due to aging and degeneration of the vertebral column. ANI

Vienna University sets fastest 3D-nanoprinting record
Researchers in Austria have set a new world speed record for the fastest 3D-printed nano-objects. ANI

Barrier to faster graphene-based devices identified
Presently, graphene is the rock star of materials science, but it has a downside - it is extremely sensitive to its electrical environment. ANI

Gene known to protect against cancer can also promote tumour growth
A gene that can simultaneously protect against cancer and favour its growth has been identified. ANI

Fatty diets may be behind reduced semen quality
Men's diets, especially the amount and type of different fats they eat, could determine their semen quality, a new study has revealed. ANI

Rats' decision-making skills could be at par with humans
Rats could be as good as humans when it comes to assessing the situation and making decisions, a new study has revealed. ANI

Star Trek-inspired universal translator may let you speak in 26 languages
An American multinational corporation has brought Star Trek's universal translator closer to reality by developing a software that turns spoken English into 26 different languages and which 'speaks' in the user's own voice. ANI

Posh designed-motor sparks 1,000 new jobs
Victoria Beckham has helped boost sales of new Range Rover Evoque forcing the car maker to create 1,000 new jobs to meet the demands. ANI

Baby brains bring smarter computers closer to reality
Researchers are tapping the cognitive smarts of babies, toddlers and preschoolers in their bid to facilitate computers to think more like humans. ANI

Extinct woolly mammoth on a comeback trail
Scientists are now looking forward to recreate a woolly mammoth, which walked on Earth 10,000 years ago. ANI

Earth-like weather encounters 'throwing jet streams off course on Jupiter'
Scientists have for the first time identified direct wave motion in one of Jupiter's jet streams. ANI

Seafloor can impact height of Tsunami waves
The height of a tsunami wave when it approaches a coastline is influenced greatly by the topography of the seafloor near the coast, a new study has revealed. ANI

Russia to send man to the Moon by 2030
Sixty years after Neil Armstrong's Apollo mission effectively ended the US-Soviet space race, Russia is now set to send a team of cosmonauts to the Moon. ANI

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