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Technology News on March 13, 2012

Over 40,000 credit card numbers stolen in 'Digital Playground' website hack
A previously unknown hacking group has reportedly broken into a major pornography website and stolen the personal details of over 72,000 users, and over 40,000 credit card numbers. ANI

How oldest continents were formed
Geologists at the Universities of Bonn and Cologne have come up with a new theory on the formation of the oldest continents. ANI

Mechanism in cells that leads to inflammatory diseases discovered
Researchers have finally unlocked the mystery of how an inflammatory molecule is produced in the body. ANI

Gene that could turn 'normal' fruit into 'healthier' blood oranges identified
Scientists hope to genetically tweak ordinary oranges into 'healthier' blood oranges, which could combat obesity and heart disease. ANI

'Nokia Windows 8 tablet to be unveiled before Christmas'
Mobile phone maufacturer Nokia is likely to launch a Windows 8 tablet before Christmas, sources have claimed. ANI

Chinese brothers create musical instruments from vegetables
Two brothers from Beijing have created musical instruments from carrots, potatoes and other vegetables. ANI

Smartphones more accurate for disease surveillance
A new study in Kenya has found that smartphone use was cheaper than traditional paper survey methods to gather disease information, after the initial set-up cost. ANI

Statin use 'may modestly reduce Parkinson's risk'
Regular use of cholesterol-lowering statin drugs may be associated with a modest reduction in the risk of developing Parkinson's disease, particularly among younger patients, a new study has claimed. ANI

Deformity in NASA astronauts 'could jeopardise long-term space missions'
Brain scans of NASA astronauts, who have returned to Earth after more than a month in space, have revealed potentially serious abnormalities that could endanger long-term space missions. ANI

Now, 'magic mirror' to try your clothes on for you while shopping
Squeezing into a series of fitting rooms to try one outfit after the other under harsh bright lights only to come away empty handed and more than a little dispirited, may come to an end with a "magic mirror", which lets buyers try them on virtually. ANI

Why promiscuous queens produce healthier honeybee colonies answered
Revealing the makeup of the microscopic life found inside the guts, on the bodies, and in the food of honeybees, researchers have shed light on the link between genetic diversity and healthier colonies of these insects. ANI

Telling kids failure is common could boost their academic performance
Children may perform better in school and feel more confident about themselves if they are told that failure is a normal part of learning, rather than being pressured to succeed at all costs, researchers say. ANI

Meat-eating mammals 'lose taste for sweets' over time
Seven of 12 related mammalian species have lost the sense of sugary taste, and as each of the sweet-blind species eats only meat their liking for it is frequently lost during the evolution of diet specialization, a new study has found. ANI

2 new species of horned dinosaurs named
In a new study, scientists have named two new horned dinosaur species based on fossils collected from Alberta, Canada. ANI

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