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Technology News on June 8, 2012

Cosmic dance produces new galaxy
A "tidal" dwarf galaxy (TDG) has been detected by a team of astronomers from Queen's University, the Royal Military College of Canada (RMCC) and their world-wide collaborators. ANI

Soon, public bathroom mirrors to play ads
A company called Novo Ad has developed a technology that can turn a public bathroom mirror into an electronic display for video advertisements. ANI

Concept of Internet 'invented in 1934'
The Internet was invented nearly a century ago, at least as a concept, by a Belgian information expert named Paul Otlet imagining where telephones and television might someday go, it has been revealed. ANI

Quantum computers come closer to reality with help of purified silicon
Researchers have offered a new step towards making quantum computing a reality through the unique properties of highly enriched and purified silicon. ANI

Poverty in childhood 'may have implications throughout life'
In a new study, researchers have explored the differences between the way the brain of a children and adult brain work to provide insights into how the mind and brain develop and change over time. ANI

Solar floating resort to give you comfort of luxurious hotel
A designer has come up with the concept of a self-sustaining luxury floating island that operates entirely on renewable energy and is capable of travelling to the open seas, letting one view underwater life swimming around from a submerged observation bulb. ANI

Female sex odor makes cool male moths warm up faster and take flight sooner
When male moth gets a whiff of female sex attractant, he's quicker to start shivering to warm up his flight muscles, and then takes off prematurely when he's still too cool for powerful flight, a University of Utah study has found. ANI

UN urges countries to seek 'peaceful resolution' to prevent global cyberwar
The UN's International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has urged countries to seek a 'peaceful resolution' in cyberspace to avoid the threat of global cyberwar. ANI

Black holes could 'change gear' to produce and distribute energy
By studying two active black holes, researchers at the SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research have gathered evidence that suggests that each black hole can change between two different regimes, like changing the gears of an engine. ANI

Durable plastics that may replace metals may help reduce pollution
Scientists have been working to produce a biodegradable alternative to plastics to reduce pollution. ANI

LinkedIn hack prompts warning for changing website passwords
A group that is dedicated to protect and promote the Internet in New Zealand has urged all 500,000 members of business networking site LinkedIn to change their passwords for the website, and for other online services if they used the same password elsewhere. ANI

New data encoding method cuts energy needs for next-gen memory
A new data-encoding scheme that slashes more than 30 percent of the energy needed to write data onto new memory cards that use "phase-change memory" (PCM) - a competitor to flash memory that has big backing from industry heavyweights - has been unveiled this week. ANI

Engineered robot could influence live fish
Researchers have shown that a bioinspired robotic fish could attract live zebrafish when put to swim together in a water tank. ANI

MIT duo invent banana keyboard
Two Massachusetts Institute of Technology students, who were looking for a way of turning everyday objects into touchpads, have managed to develop a banana piano. ANI

Genetic screening of unborn babies 'may not be 100 pc accurate'
New tests for genetic screening of unborn babies will not be 100 per cent accurate and may scare parents into believing their children will be born with a disability when they are healthy, a scientist has warned. ANI

Windows Phone will overtake Apple's iOS in 2016: Analyst
Windows Phone will take nearly 20 percent of the smartphone market by 2016, overtaking Apple's iOS mobile operating system, according to a report. ANI

Facebook to reveal identities of users who abused British woman online
Social networking site Facebook has been ordered to reveal the identities of people who abused a British woman after she posted a message about an X Factor star. ANI

Simple eye test may help identify patients at stroke risk
A simple eye test may help save lives by identifying patients who are at high risk for stroke, say researchers at the University of Zurich. ANI

Soon, 'tooth tattoo' to help docs detect diseases
A "tooth tattoo" made from silk strands and gold wires could be used to detect life-threatening illnesses, according to researchers. ANI

Facebook engagement dips with only 2 in 5 users signing into profile every day
Facebook users are now spending less time on the social networking site, with just two out of five people signing into their profile every day, according to a survey. ANI

Mosquitoes' immune system 'circuitry' that kills malaria parasites identified
Johns Hopkins researchers have, for the first time, determined the function of a series proteins within the mosquito that transduce a signal that enables the mosquito to fight off infection from the parasite that causes malaria in humans. ANI

Unprecedented blooms of plant life discovered beneath Arctic ice
As they punched through three-foot thick Arctic ice, a NASA-sponsored expedition has found waters richer in microscopic marine plants, essential to all sea life, than any other ocean region on Earth. ANI

Furiously burning first objects in universe captured by NASA's Spitzer
The faint, lumpy glow from the very first objects in the universe, which may have been detected with the best precision yet using NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope, help confirm that they were numerous in quantity and furiously burned cosmic fuel. ANI

Hidden vitamin in beer and milk can help improve strength and shape
Beer may contain a vitamin, which can help fight obesity and improve muscle strength, according to scientists. ANI

Tabletop device emits colors of high-energy rainbow in laser like beam
After more than half a century of research, an international team of scientists has generated the first laser-like beams of X-rays from a tabletop device. ANI

Human skin inspired plastics heal themselves when cut or scratched
Scientists have developed materials that mimic the human skin's ability to heal scratches and cuts. ANI

Club-like arm of mantis shrimp could inspire new military body armor
Military body armor and vehicle and aircraft frames could be improved by incorporating the unique structure of the club-like arm of a crustacean that looks like an armored caterpillar, say researchers. ANI

Breakthrough as Alzheimer's vaccine trial proves successful
Scientists have found a new vaccine to be effective against Alzheimer's disease. ANI

Mystery behind strength of mantis shrimp's super-strong claws unraveled
In a new study, scientists have tried to find out what makes the peacock mantis shrimp, which comes equipped with two built-in hammers that can deliver swift and powerful blows and smash straight through another animals' armour, so tough. ANI

LinkedIn hackers also stole 1.5mln passwords from dating site eHarmony
The hackers suspected of stealing 6.5 million LinkedIn passwords also stole 1.5 million passwords from dating site eHarmony, according to a report. ANI

Delhi's Jingle InfoSolutions Pvt. Ltd. launches subscription-based HRMS on cloud
New Delhi's Jingle InfoSolutions Pvt. Ltd.(JIS) has launched a subscription-based HRMS (Human Resource Management System) on the Cloud System. ANI

Mystery about why fetus isn't rejected as foreign tissue during pregnancy partially solved
Researchers have come closer to answering the long-standing question of why a mother's immune system does not reject a developing fetus as foreign tissue. ANI

Skin cells transformed into brain cells
Scientists have for the first time transformed skin cells-with a single genetic factor-into cells that develop on their own into an interconnected, functional network of brain cells. ANI

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