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Technology News on June 26, 2012

Microscopic diamonds in detergents help remove stains more effectively
Adding small amounts of nanodiamonds - pieces of carbon less than a ten-thousandth of the diameter of a human hair - make commercial washing powders much more effective at removing dirt and grease, chemists have revealed. ANI

Ozone exposure linked to potential heart attacks
When exposed to ozone for two hours, young and healthy adult volunteers develop physiological changes associated with cardiovascular ailments, a study has found. ANI

Modified weight loss surgery provides Type 2 diabetes reversal
An endocrinologist from India has suggested that modified bariatric surgery such as sleeve gastrectomy should be considered at an earlier stage of Type 2 diabetes, rather than as a last resort. ANI

Testosterone-replacement therapy effective against metabolic syndrome
Hormone-replacement therapy significantly improves symptoms of metabolic syndrome associated with testosterone deficiency in men, a new study from Germany has found. ANI

Oz school student creates talking robotic head
A teenage student who hopes to work with a Hollywood animatronics studio in the future, has designed and built a robotic head for his Year 12 Research Project. ANI

Women 'more attracted to Facebook, Twitter' than men: Study
Women are more attracted to social networking websites than men, who prefer visiting entertainment, betting, games and music sites, a new study has revealed. ANI

Human-powered helicopter makes record flight lasting 50 secs
A human-powered helicopter built by University of Maryland students has broken a flight duration record. ANI

Ultrasound pill could make painful daily injections history
Many people with diabetes or cancer have to go through painful injections everyday. ANI

Apple's repair policies irk consumers
Although Apple products have steadily gained popularity among Chinese consumers, the company has recently been singled out by a Chinese consumer quality watchdog group over the perceived unfairness of its repair and return policies. ANI

Apes can tell real words from random jumbles of letters
Baboons can differentiate between written words and gibberish - and other apes can do multiplication and even make plans for the future. ANI

Soon, auto-pilot car that manoeuvres itself through traffic jams
Ford has claimed that within five years some of their models will boast auto-pilot technology that will guide you through congestion, allowing the driver to take his hands off the steering wheel and feet off the pedals while he enjoys some much-needed relaxation. ANI

Reproductive hormone 'oxytocin' shows potential as weight-loss treatment
In a new animal study, researchers have found that the reproductive hormone, oxytocin, helps regulate food intake and energy metabolism without causing adverse effects. ANI

What makes some people obese?
Scientists have thrown light on the mechanism that makes some people obese and also identified a potential therapeutic target to counteract the condition. ANI

Now, connect with people you have just met with Facebook's 'Find Friends Nearby' feature
Social networking giant Facebook is testing a new feature that would allow users to connect more easily by logging on to a page on the site that shows people nearby. ANI

Google Nexus tablet details leaked online
Details of Google's Nexus 7-inch tablet, which was expected to be unveiled next week, have reportedly been leaked on the Internet. ANI

Male birds with attractive mates show better chick-rearing behaviour
When it comes to choosing a mate, both males and females rely on visual cues to determine which potential partner will supply the best genes, best nesting site, best territory, and best parenting skills. ANI

2009 swine flu outbreak may have been 15 times deadlier
The swine flu pandemic of 2009 killed an estimated 284,500 people, about 15 times the number that was confirmed by laboratory tests at the time, a new study has revealed. ANI

Cassini reveals what powers turbulent jet streams on Saturn
Scientists have finally discovered the mechanism that drives turbulent jet streams in Saturn's atmosphere and the source from which the jets derive their energy, thanks to NASA's Cassini spacecraft. ANI

New hormonal gel combination offers reversible birth control for men
Male hormonal contraceptives applied daily to the skin reduce sperm production, finds a new study. ANI

Beams of light twisted to send data at dramatically increased speeds
A multi-national team of researchers has developed a system of transmitting data using twisted beams of light at ultra-high speeds - up to 2.56 terabits per second. ANI

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