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Technology News on June 13, 2012

Bill Gates splurges $1.1m on bracelets to monitor kids' attentiveness
Bill Gates wants to fit school students with mood bracelets to see how interested they are in their lessons. ANI

Facebook obsessed generation shuns apprenticeships
Valuable apprenticeships have been reduced to begging because teenagers are too obsessed with Facebook and computer games to learn a hands-on trade, a senior motor industry boss has revealed. ANI

US Air Force's mysterious mini-space shuttle set to land at California base
United States Air Force's mysterious mini-space shuttle is set to land at the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California sometime this week, after spending more than a year in orbit. ANI

Now, new app to colour-code 'good, bad or neutral' messages
A group of researchers in Britain have developed an app that will color code text messages, tweets and emails, letting users know if the information they is good, bad or somewhere in between. ANI

Gorilla mums use 'baby talk' with infants
Mother gorillas use "baby talk" gestures to communicating with their infants, according to scientists. ANI

Gases released during giant volcanic eruptions could deplete ozone layer
Giant volcanic eruptions in Nicaragua over the past 70,000 years could have injected enough gases into the atmosphere to temporarily thin the ozone layer, say meteorologists. ANI

Insects store 'voicemail' messages in soil through plants
Scientists had already revealed that insects could use plants as 'green phones' for communication with other bugs. ANI

First Asiatic pear genomic sequence completed
An international consortium of seven worldwide universities and institutions including the University of Illinois has recently completed the first sequencing of the Asiatic pear genome. ANI

@Sweden Twitter experiment sparks controversy over racially charged tweets
A woman curator, who took charge of the official tourism Twitter account of the Swedish Government, has sparked off controversy after posting series of racially charged tweets. ANI

Magnetic fields decelerate stars
The existence of a magnetic effect that could explain why solar-like stars spin very slowly at the end of their lifetime has been proved. ANI

Apple's Passbook app turns your iPhone into 'e-wallet'
Apple's new Passbook app for iOS6 will turn a users' iPhone in to an 'electronic wallet' by storing cards, airport boarding passes, and movie tickets. ANI

How brain performs 'motor chunking' tasks revealed
Scientists have revealed the two-part process that seems to occur when our brain performs 'motor chunking' tasks, the findings that could have implications for the study and diagnosis of Parkinson's and other diseases of the motor system that involve action. ANI

Altering brain chemistry may help overcome fear more easily
US researchers have found a way to calm the fears of anxious mice with the help of a drug that alters their brain chemistry. ANI

People's `nature or nurture` depends on their geographical roots
the extent to which our development is affected by our genetic make-up or our environmental conditions, may differ depending on where we live, a study has suggested. ANI

Humans hardwired to fear spider's angular legs and unpredictability
Scientists believe that they have worked out why humans fear spiders more than other creepy-crawlies. ANI

Extinction of woolly mammoths has 'lessons for modern climate change'
Not long after the last ice age, the last woolly mammoths succumbed to a lethal combination of climate warming, encroaching humans and habitat change - the same threats facing many species today, a new study has claimed. ANI

Mosquitoes incapable of transmitting malaria created
Researchers have produced a model of the Anopheles stephensi mosquito, which is a major source of malaria in India and the Middle East, that impairs the development of the malaria parasite. ANI

Age of dwarf M-stars and suitability for habitable worlds to be determined
Villanova university astronomers are trying to understand how the most common type of star known live its lives, and what kinds of environments they provide for possible life-bearing planets as a part of their "Living with a Red Dwarf" program. ANI

40 million stars mapped in all-sky survey
A new map of the sky that accurately measures the brightness and position of over 40 million stars is expected to be available in the next two years. ANI

Being scared twice 'enough to remember'
In a new study, researchers have achieved some insight into how fleeting experiences become memories in the brain. ANI

Soon, iPhone app that helps decide whether or not to dump your boyfriend
A new iPhone app allows uncertain girlfriends to review their feelings towards their boyfriend from an objective point of view. ANI

Computer therapy may help reduce anxiety disorder in kids
Researchers are pursuing a new method to address childhood anxiety over concerns that one in eight children suffer from an anxiety disorder in America. ANI

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