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Technology News on June 11, 2012

Observation of self-assembly of proteins can help treat diseases at nanoscale
Scientists have developed a new approach to visualize how proteins assemble, which may also significantly aid the understanding of diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, which are caused by errors in assembly. ANI

Breast tumor 'signatures' to help predict treatment response identified
Decoding the DNA of patients with advanced breast cancer has allowed scientists to identify distinct cancer "signatures" that could help predict which women are most likely to benefit from estrogen-lowering therapy, while sparing others from unnecessary treatment. ANI

Undersea volcano gave off clear signals before erupting in 2011
A team of scientists known for correctly forecasting the 2011 eruption of Axial Seamount years in advance, now insist that the undersea volcano located some 250 miles off the Oregon coast gave off clear signals hours before its impending eruption. ANI

Human and animal illnesses 'remarkable similar'
In a new study, researchers have discovered the remarkable similarities between human and animal illnesses. ANI

3G Internet network in Syria off for four days
The third generation (3G) internet network in Syria has been disconnected for the fourth consecutive day for unknown reasons, prompting resentment among internet users and subscribers in the unrest-hit country. ANI

Soon, 'print' your own perfect shoes
Within the next decade or so every individual will be able to 'print' their own perfect shoes at home quickly and cheaply that will revolutionise wardrobes, trend forecaster Jane Monnington Boddy has claimed. ANI

Now, technology to give voice to overloaded worker's brain
Computers, which are pushing humans to unprecedented levels of work achievement and productivity, can now be used to monitor "cognitive overload" at the desk. ANI

New Google, Apple 'spy planes' could film you sunbathing in back garden
With competition heating up between Google and Apple to take powerful satellite images, the tech giant Google and Apple have now deployed military grade 'spy planes' that could even photograph sunbathers in their back gardens. ANI

China plans to accelerate Internet construction
China will accelerate the Internet construction and ensure that over 45 percent of its population have access to the Internet by 2015, said the National Human Rights Action Plan of China (2012-2015) released Monday. ANI

Lack of sleep 'affects brain's ability to choose healthy food'
The sight of unhealthy food during a period of sleep restriction activates reward centres in the brain that are less active when an individual gets adequate sleep, a new study has revealed. ANI

Genes that predispose people to most common form of migraine identified
After studied genetic data of more than 11 000 people, researchers have found six genes that predispose people to the most common subtype of migraine without aura. ANI

1st human clinical trial of artificial pancreas yields positive result
Results from the first feasibility study of an advanced first-generation artificial pancreas system have indicated that the Hypoglycemia-Hyperglycemia Minimizer (HHM) System was able to automatically predict a rise and fall in blood glucose and correspondingly increase and-or decrease insulin delivery safely. ANI

Simple blood test to spot patients not responding to common painkiller
Researchers have found a way to identify quickly the 5-10 percent of patients in whom the commonly used painkiller, tramadol, does not work effectively. ANI

Structure of bacterial chainmail coat revealed
An international team of scientists has for the first time uncovered the structure of the protective protein coat, which surrounds many bacteria like a miniature suit of armour. ANI

'Time bomb' to fight cardiovascular disease developed
Researchers have developed a veritable "time bomb", a nanocontainer, which can increase the effectiveness of treatments against cardiovascular disease and reduce side effects. ANI

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