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Technology News on July 2, 2012

Potential therapeutic target for pancreatic cancer identified
After detailed analysis of genes expressed in circulating tumor cells (CTCs) -- cells that break off from solid tumors and travel through the bloodstream-scientists have identified a potential treatment target in metastatic pancreatic cancer. ANI

Scientists going back to vacuums to achieve more efficient electronics
With the advent of semiconductor transistors-invented in 1947 as a replacement for bulky and inefficient vacuum tubes-there has been consistent demand for faster, more energy-efficient technologies. ANI

Even most ambitious emissions cuts can't stop rising sea levels
Rise in sea level cannot be stopped over the next several hundred years, even if deep emissions cuts lower global average temperatures, but they can be slowed down, climate scientists have said. ANI

Toxic seas 'spurred' extinctions of dinosaurs and many other species
Poisonous seawater probably may have driven two of the earth's best-known mass extinctions, say Penn State University researchers. ANI

Philippine crocodile named largest in captivity
Guinness World Records has declared a huge crocodile, blamed for the death of two people in the southern Philippines, as the largest in captivity in the world. ANI

New phone app calculates when women may become infertile
A developer from US has created an app that calculates the day most women dread - when their biological clock runs out. ANI

Plants that feed on worms underground discovered
Three species of a carnivorous plant, that feed on worms underground have been discovered, by botanists, in the Brazilian savannah. ANI

Upflow of Sun's gases sheds light on origins of extreme space storms
An international team of scientists has identified the first images of an upward surge of the Sun's gases into quiescent coronal loops. ANI

Google out scores Apple iPhone's Siri in road test by analyst
Google search engine has performed far better than Apple iPhone's much-hyped voice recognition app Siri in a rigorous test conducted by an analyst. ANI

Creating replacement liver from patient's own cells could soon be reality
An Indian origin scientist and her team are hopeful that new advances in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine could one day make a replacement liver from a patient's own cells, or animal muscle tissue that could be cut into steaks without ever being inside a cow. ANI

New technique offers safer alternative to gene therapy for HIV treatment
Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute have found a surprisingly simple and safe method to disrupt specific genes within cells. ANI

Chronic pain is all in your head
When people have similar injuries, some may end up with chronic pain while others recover and are pain free. ANI

Dead Sea salt to be turned into medicine
Doctors are finding new ways to utilize Dead Sea salts, which have been known for their therapeutic benefits for centuries, in other areas of medicine. ANI

Largest sea turtles threatened by climate change
The 21st century could be the last for eastern Pacific populations of leatherback turtles, as rising heat at the beach continue to threaten the species, suggests a new study. ANI

Extra second on June 30 brings down websites globally
Sites like as Reddit, Gawker, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Yelp crashed after a "leap second" was added to the universal clock on June 30 in order to keep up with the Earth's rotation. ANI

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