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Technology News on January 9, 2012

Wind power may actually increase CO2 emissions
Wind turbines may actually be producing more carbon emissions than modern gas stations, a think tank has claimed.ind turbines only produce energy around 30 per cent of the time. When the wind is not blowing - or even blowing too fast as in the recent storms - other sources of electricity have to be used, mostly gas and coal, the Telegraph reported. ANI

iPad outwits Oz thief
Smart technology once again proved helpful as a crime- fighting tool, after a stolen iPad helped nab its thief. ANI

Universe's dark matter could be more mundane than thought
Several tiny stars in globular clusters could account for mysterious dark matter, which is believed to constitute over 80 per cent of the universe's matter, a new study has revealed. ANI

Low electromagnetic fields shrink tumours without affecting healthy cells
Low-intensity electromagnetic fields may be used in treating cancerous tumours, scientists have suggested. ANI

Climate change can cause alpine meadows disappear in coming decades
A new study of changing mountain vegetation has suggested that some alpine meadows could disappear within the next few decades as a result of climate change. ANI

Graphene turned into magnetic material
In a breakthrough research that could prove crucial to the future of electronics, scientists have turned graphene, the world's thinnest and strongest material, into magnetic. ANI

Genes behind anxiety in patients with too much protein identified
Overexpression of two genes is responsible for the anxiety and behavioural issues associated with excess MeCP2 protein, say scientists. ANI

British-built 450 mph 'jet bike' aims to break speed record
A man in Britain aims to make his bike, the Jet Reaction, the first jet-powered bike to beat the motorcycle land speed record. ANI

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