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Technology News on January 7, 2012

Most Facebook photos flagged as 'offensive' are just 'unflattering'
The majority of the photos being reported as 'offensive' on Facebook weren't really offensive at all, but rather portrayed the tagged person as unflattering or unattractive, the social network has found. ANI

Chimpanzees may be learning medical know how from watching elders
Chimpanzees may be using a watch and learn approach when it comes to recognizing medicinal plants like their elders, according to new findings by scientists. ANI

Sleepless dad invents phone app to send babies to sleep
A weary father who was having sleepless nights after being kept awake by his twin babies has not only found a solution, but he's also making 60,000 pounds a year in the process. ANI

Lithium-air cell expected to outlast bulky batteries in electric vehicles
A multinational technology and consulting corporation claims to have solved the fundamental problem of range anxiety faced by owners of electric vehicles (EV). ANI

Kepler's SETI detects radio signals from first 'candidate'
Astronomers, who were using data from the Kepler space telescope to become more focused on "listening" for radio signals coming from stars known to have planets orbiting them, seem to have detected the signals for their first "candidate". ANI

We will eventually colonise Mars after 100 years, says Stephen Hawking
Professor Stephen Hawking, who has decoded some of the greatest mysteries of the universe, predicted that humans will colonise Mars - but not for at least a century. ANI

Faces of our 7-million-year old ancestors recreated from fossil skulls
Researchers have rebuilt faces of some of the most distant members of the human evolutionary 'family' - ancestors stretching back seven million years - with the help of forensic technology. ANI

New tools help map 3-D world of vision in mice
Mapping the 3-D world in our brains - the landscape that mimics the outside world, where the objects we see exist as collections of neural circuits and electrical impulses - would be not too far. ANI

GM silkworms spin spider silk strong enough to make parachutes
Transgenically-engineered silkworms produce stronger silk, which could possibly be used to make sutures, artificial limbs and parachutes, researchers say. ANI

Will upcoming Google tablet compete with Apple iPad or Amazon Kindle Fire?
Google has planned to launch its own-brand tablet, prompting speculations whether the new product would compete with Amazon Kindle Fire or Apple's iPad. ANI

'Greeley Haven' expected to reveal watery past of Mars
Scientists hope that Greeley Haven, an outcrop of rock on Mars, could provide exciting new discoveries about the watery past of the red planet when NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity will spend the next few months during the coldest part of Martian winter. ANI

New app looks in your eyes to detect if you're too drunk to drive
An app can tell whether you're too drunk to drive by looking into your eyes. ANI

Mathematicians solve fiendish Sudoku mystery
Sudoku fans would be happy to learn that there is now a limit to how hard the fiendish number puzzle can get. ANI

NASA inquiry suspends Apollo 13's astronaut's right to sell 70-page binder
The auction of a notebook sold by Jim Lovell has been suspended after NASA launched an investigation into whether it was his property to sell. ANI

Facebook takes action after computer worm siphons 45,000 login details
Social networking giant Facebook has acted to stop the spread of a new computer worm that has stolen over 45,000 login credentials. ANI

New targets for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's identified
Two related studies have identified promising genes and small molecules to use against diseases of protein folding, such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Huntington's diseases, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), cancer, cystic fibrosis and type 2 diabetes. ANI

Why elders tend to be happier
Some psychologists have called for better research on the theory, which says older people appear to be happier because they tend to focus on and remember positive events leaving behind negative ones. ANI

New wild 'hairy' ginger discovered in India
Botanists have discovered a new wild ginger from the evergreen forest of Western Ghats of South India. ANI

Ageing in MS patients may be reversed
Ageing in the central nervous system for multiple sclerosis (MS) patients may be reversed, a new study suggested. ANI

Its official! PET effectively detects dementia including Alzheimer's
After a decade of research, scientists have finally confirmed that a method of positron emission tomography (PET) safely and accurately detects dementia, including the most common and devastating form among the elderly, Alzheimer's disease. ANI

Protein key to survival of malaria parasite identified
Scientists at the Washington University have cracked the structure and function of a protein that plays a key role in the life of a parasite that killed 655,000 people in 2010. ANI

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