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Technology News on January 6, 2012

World's smallest silicon wire brings quantum computers closer to reality
World's thinnest silicon wire, which is just one atom tall and four atoms wide, may play a vital role in developing quantum computers in future, researchers say. ANI

Now, control your computer screen with your 'gaze'
A Swedish company has come up with an eye control computer technology, that allows users to operate Windows 8 by looking in the direction they want to click. ANI

Dogs read our intent to communicate with them akin to kids
Dogs not only pick up on the words we say but also on our intent to communicate with them, a new study has claimed. ANI

'Supersoldier' monster ants created by activating ancestral genes
Scientists including one of an Indian origin have developed 'supersoldier' ants with huge heads and jaws by activating ancient ancestral genes, which may help in evolution of new physical traits. ANI

Bacterial immune system 'hijacked' to selectively target and silence genes
Scientists have now 'hijacked' bacterial immune system to block genes that resists viruses and other foreign invaders, thus revealing a powerful new tool that has important implications for biotechnology and biomedical research. ANI

Mercury influx into eco-system may have caused extinction 250m yrs ago
In a new study, scientists have discovered a new culprit that is likely to have been involved in the Earth's greatest extinction event that took place 250 million years ago when rapid climate change wiped out nearly all marine species and a majority of those on land. ANI

World's first chimeric monkeys created by fusing 6 embryos into Entertainment
US researchers have created the first primate chimeric offsprings by combining six embryos into one, thus paving way for human cloning. ANI

Why people prefer to run than walk at 2 meters per sec
Scientists have discovered why people generally tend to run rather than walk when they hit the speed of 2 meters per second. ANI

Women are universe's only enduring mystery for Stephen Hawking
Stephen Hawking, who has decoded some of the most puzzling secrets of the universe, has revealed that for him women are the only enduring mystery of the universe he has found impossible to crack. ANI

Earth may be surrounded by hundreds of 'tiny moons'
Hundreds of temporary moons may be orbiting earth, which are too tiny and small to be detected easily, researchers say. ANI

'Love hormone' may make surly monkeys a little kind towards others
The "love hormone" that builds mother-baby bonds and may help an individual feel more connected towards one another, can also make brusque monkeys treat each other a little more kindly, a new study has found. ANI

Tiny freshwater flatworm is world's first animal without centrosome
A tiny, freshwater flatworm found in ponds and rivers around the world is the first animal ever discovered without a crucial structure inside its cells known as the centrosome, according to a new study. ANI

Stephen Hawking may lose famous voice as facial muscles deteriorate
Professor Stephen Hawking may lose his distinctive computerised voice as deteriorating facial muscles have slowed down his ability to speak to one word per minute, according to aides. ANI

Soon, radioactive 'paint' to help cure skin cancer sans surgery
A new technique involving radioactive "paint" could help clear skin cancer without surgery and save 3,000 lives per year. ANI

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