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Technology News on January 31, 2012

Why aliens haven't reached Earth yet
If aliens exist, they should have reached our planet by now. ANI

Ancient horses may have been tamed in at least 18 different countries
Experts continue to debate on the origins of humans' love affair with horses as a new genetic study has divulged further clues. ANI

Genetic mutations behind fatal brain cancer in kids identified
An international research team has identified two genetic mutations responsible for up to 40 per cent of glioblastomas in children - a fatal cancer of the brain that is unresponsive to chemo and radiotherapy treatment. ANI

Arctic already facing effects of dangerous climate change
Arctic is already suffering some of the effects that, according to The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), correspond with a "dangerous climate change," experts warn. ANI

US Christian group angered by same sex relationships in 'Star Wars' game
The video game Star Wars: The Old Republic has outraged US Christian group the Family Research Council by allowing characters to have same sex relationships. ANI

Brit kids feel 'sad' without internet
Forty-nine per cent of British children aged 12 and under, would be sad without an internet connection, while one in five would be lonely, a new survey has found. ANI

Now, bioengineered skin that can stop speeding bullet
It may not be far away when human skin could resist a speeding bullet. ANI

Gorillas grin to reassure playmates
Gorillas flash their teeth to let their friends know that they do not intend to harm them during play, scientists have discovered. ANI

Sperm production negatively impacts immunity
Production of sperm is more biologically taxing than previously thought, and expending energy on it has considerable health implications, a new study has revealed. ANI

NASA's Mars rover feels wrath of massive solar storm
It was not only Earth, which was impacted by radiations from the recent solar storm, but also NASA's Mars-Bound rover 'Curiosity', researchers say. ANI

Now, laser-guided bullet that steers itself to its target
The US government has developed a self steering bullet that can sense a laser spot on the target from more than a kilometre away, and then go straight into it. ANI

India among nations least able to defend themselves against cyber-attacks: Survey
India, alongwith Brazil, Romania and Mexico are among the nations least able to defend themselves against emerging cyber attacks, a new survey has revealed. ANI

Massive volcanic eruptions may have triggered Little Ice Age
Researchers have shed new light on the onset and cause of Earth's Little Ice Age, a period of cooling temperatures that began after the Middle Ages and lasted into the late 19th century. ANI

Brain's speech centre in different location than believed
Human speech is processed in an entirely different part of the brain than researchers have long believed, a new study has claimed. ANI

It may take 10m generations for cats to evolve as big as elephants
An international team of researchers exploring mammal size after dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago has found that it took about 10 million generations for terrestrial mammals to hit their maximum mass: that's about the size of a cat evolving into the size of an elephant. ANI

Shakespeare's skill lies in his grammar not in words, academic claims
William Shakespeare may appear to have used and coined more words than his contemporaries but his rate of word coinage is actually similar to other writers, a researcher has claimed. ANI

Alcohol, family history ups colon cancer risk
High levels of alcohol consumption can increase risk of colon cancer in people with a positive family history of such cancer, researchers have warned. ANI

Why you miss finding your car keys when getting late for work
The brain system that is responsible for movement runs too fast for the visual system to keep pace, researchers have suggested. ANI

Internet giants, financial services firms team up to fight phishing attacks
Some of the world's biggest Internet companies and financial services firms have joined forces to create a set of e-mail authentication standards designed to reduce the threat of deceptive spam and phishing fraud. ANI

Music training can offset age-related delays in neural timing
Age-related delays in neural timing are not inevitable and can be avoided or offset with musical training, researchers suggest. ANI

Breakthrough achieved in understanding cause of serious diseases
Scientists have discovered a new family of proteins, which regulate the human body's 'hypoxic response' to low levels of oxygen. ANI

'Sloshing' galaxy cluster discovered
Scientists have spotted vast clouds of hot gas 'sloshing' in Abell 2052, a galaxy cluster situated nearly 480 million light years from Earth. ANI

Addicted men and women have different roots for drug cravings
Stress robustly activates areas of the brain associated with craving in cocaine-dependent women, while drug cues activate similar brain regions in cocaine-dependent men, a new brain imaging study has revealed. ANI

Psychosocial interventions can help reduce cancer-related pain
Researchers who analysed past studies of cancer-related pain reduction have found that psychosocial interventions can have a beneficial effect on cancer patients' pain severity. ANI

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