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Technology News on January 25, 2012

'Mysterious' life form on Venus is actually lens cap, say space experts
NASA scientists have debunked claims of life on Venus based on photos taken by a Soviet probe that landed on the planet's surface 30 years ago. ANI

Learning to 'talk things through in head' may help autistic kids
A new research has suggested that teaching children with autism to 'talk things through in their head' may help them solve complex day-to-day tasks, which could increase the chances of independent, flexible living later in life. ANI

How aeroplane wings really work
A Cambridge University scientist has debunked the classic explanation of how wings generate lift to keep a plane or a bird in the air, saying that erroneous description could lead to misunderstanding of aerodynamics. ANI

'Blind' golden moles found to be world's first iridescent mammal
Scientists have revealed that golden moles are the first known iridescent mammals. ANI

Why some people run faster than others
The skeletal structure of the foot and ankle varies considerably between human sprinters and non-sprinters, researchers say. ANI

'Speed gene' in modern racehorses traced to Brit mare from 300 years ago
The origin of the 'speed gene' in Thoroughbred racehorses has been traced back to a single British mare that lived in the United Kingdom around 300 years ago. ANI

How longstanding conflict influences empathy for others
Researchers are now trying to explore why members of opposing conflict groups often fail to show empathy towards each other. ANI

Religion helps us gain self-control
Researchers say thinking about religion gives people more self-control on later, unrelated tasks. ANI

Prejudice makes men aggressive and women fearful
Prejudice against people from groups different than their own is linked to aggression in men and fear in women, according to a new study. ANI

Saliva HIV test as accurate as traditional blood screening
Researchers including one of an Indian origin have revealed that saliva test used to diagnose the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), is comparable in accuracy to the traditional blood test. ANI

Winged dinosaur Archaeopteryx had black feathers
Archaeopteryx, a 150 million-year-old winged dinosaur, had black feathers on its wings that were structurally similar to that of living birds, indicating that modern wing feathers evolved in the Jurassic period, a new study has revealed. ANI

New clue to chemical origins of life discovered
Scientists have shed light on the origin of the carbohydrates (sugars) that form the building blocks of life. ANI

Place your ipad on table rather than your lap to avoid shoulder pain
Experts have suggested ways to avoid neck and shoulder pain from using your ipad. ANI

Google slammed for not proving 'opt out' option for users in new privacy changes
Experts have criticized Google over its plans to follow the activities of a person across all of its websites and use the information to alter the person's search results, saying users must have the option to opt out from new privacy changes. ANI

Entry point of hepatitis C virus identified
Researchers have now identified the entry point of hepatitis C virus - the first step leading to the chronic infection- thus opening the door to a number of possibilities for therapeutics. ANI

Website helps jilted lovers discard unwanted gifts from bad relationships
A new website has been launched to help broken-hearted lovers cash in on undesired presents from their relationships that have gone sour. ANI

New Facebook 'Timeline' to soon become compulsory for all
Facebook may soon make its new 'Timeline' feature - currently available on an optional basis - mandatory for everyone using the site. ANI

Accurate model of Jupiter's Trojan asteroids created inside single atom
Researchers have created a precise model of part of the solar system, in which an electron in an atom orbits the nucleus in exactly the same way as Jupiter's Trojan asteroids orbit the sun. ANI

Google replacing 'human brain' as main memory source
Internet has over-powered our brains in becoming the main source of memory for us, a new study has revealed. ANI

Babies are born with 'intuitive physics' knowledge
Studies have indicated that infant brains come equipped with knowledge of "intuitive physics" at birth, a researcher says. ANI

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace tell Google 'Don't be evil' in search results
Social networking sites Facebook, Twitter and MySpace have created a new web tool to direct users' attention to what they call 'biased search results from Google,' delivering a resounding message to the tech giant- "Don't be evil". ANI

Stem cells treatment restores erectile function
Researchers hope that stem cells treatment may help men who have Peyronie's disease, the condition which makes the pe**s difficult to achieve a straight erection. ANI

Life goes on even when undersea vents turn cold
Marine life persists even when hydrothermal sea vents go dormant and their blazing warmth transforms to frigid cold, a new study has revealed. ANI

Pomegranate seed oil 'no better than placebo' for menopause symptoms
Scientists have found no clear evidence that pomegranate seed oil is effective at reducing menopause symptoms. ANI

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