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Technology News on January 24, 2012

Teachers warned against 'Facebook friendships' with students
An analysis of disciplinary cases found that more than one in 10 school teachers accused of misconduct last year had used social networking sites and email to forge inappropriate relationships with their pupils. ANI

33000-year-old domesticated dog skull unearthed in Siberia cave
A 33,000-year-old dog skull discovered from a Siberian cave presents some of the oldest known evidence of dog domestication and suggests modern dogs may be descended from multiple ancestors. ANI

Now, DNA 'motors' that run along tracks
Researchers have now constructed a DNA motor that is capable of running along a programmable network of tracks with multiple switches. ANI

'Thin' graphene's completely 'invisible' to water
Graphene, which is the thinnest material known to science, is not only transparent to eye but also water, a new study including Indian origin researcher has revealed. ANI

Male bonobos invest in friendly relationships with females
Male bonobos, unlike other ape species, invest much more into friendly relationships with females rather than showing a dominant behaviour during mating season, a new study has revealed. ANI

Pet love helps women cope with HIV/AIDS
Having pets like dog or cat help women with HIV/AIDS manage their chronic illness and stay healthy, researchers say. ANI

New biochip to make painful pricks for diabetics history
Painful pricks for diabetics could be a thing of past, thanks to scientists who have designed a biological device that can measure glucose concentrations in human saliva. ANI

Now, device that stops you from texting while driving
A tech firm has come up with a device that disables your mobile phone functions while driving. ANI

One hour -video uploaded on Youtube every second: Google
An hour of video is now being uploaded to Youtube every single second of the day, a new study by Google has shown. ANI

Magic mushrooms may help treat depression
Psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, may be a useful therapeutic tool for treating depression, anxiety and other psychiatric problems, scientists have suggested. ANI

Some children 'recover' from autism as they grow up
Researchers have revealed that many children who had been diagnosed with autism at a young age no longer display symptoms when they are older. ANI

Scorpion-shaped life form spotted in Venus, claims Russian scientist
A Russian scientist has claimed to have discovered life on Venus after analysing photographs taken by a Soviet probe that landed on the planet's surface 30 years ago. ANI

One in four web users 'are music pirates', says report
One in four Internet users are illegally accessing music through unauthorised sites every month, according to a new report. ANI

Genes behind timing of menopause identified
Researchers have identified 13 new regions of genes, which can help in predicting the onset of menopause. ANI

Google allowing people to use nicknames on Plus service
Google's social networking site has relaxed a requirement that real names be used for making a Google+ profile, allowing people to use nicknames or pseudonyms. ANI

World's first magnetic soap that can help clean up oil spills created
Scientists have developed world's first magnetic soap that could calm concerns over the use of soaps in oil-spill clean ups and revolutionise industrial cleaning products. ANI

Oldest known dinosaur nursery found in South Africa
An ancient dinosaur nursery - the oldest nesting site ever found - has been unearthed in an excavation at a site in South Africa. ANI

World's smallest single-seater car goes under production again
The single-seater Peel P50, listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the smallest production car ever made has been resurrected by two British businessmen. ANI

Facebook buddies not really 'friends in need'
An average young adult has around 237 Facebook friends, but out of that only two can be turned to for real support in times of a crisis, a survey has found. ANI

Strongest solar storm in seven years bombarding earth
The sun is bombarding earth with radiations from the biggest solar storm since 2005, which are heading towards our planet at 93 million miles per hour, experts say. ANI

Anonymous threatens to take down Facebook on January 28
Notorious Internet hacking group Anonymous has announced its plans to launch an attack on social network Facebook on January 28. ANI

Neanderthals were using red paint much earlier than previously thought
Scientists have uncovered evidences that show Neanderthals were using red paint up to 250,000 years ago - thousands of years earlier than previously thought. ANI

Gene therapy that could correct common form of blindness developed
Researchers have developed a new gene therapy method that has the potential to treat a common form of blindness, which strikes both youngsters and adults. ANI

Regional variations observed amongst Titan's sand dunes
Titan's dune terrains tend to vary in shape, size and distribution over the surface, a new study has revealed. ANI

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