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Technology News on January 23, 2012

Satellites detect large dome of fresh water in Arctic Ocean
With the help of ESA satellites, scientists have discovered that a large dome of fresh water has been building up in the Arctic Ocean over the last 15 years. ANI

Mouth spray developed from marijuana to treat severe cancer pain
A British pharmaceutical company has developed a mouth spray from key ingredients of marijuana to treat severe cancer pain. ANI

Genetic mechanism behind congenital heart disease identified
Researchers have now offered new insights into the genetic roots of congenital heart disease, thus opening the door to developing potential therapies to fight this chronic and potentially fatal disorder. ANI

Committee meetings may make you act 'brain dead'
Scientists have found that small-group dynamics - such as jury deliberations, collective bargaining sessions, and cocktail parties - can alter the expression of IQ in some susceptible people ANI

New airless tyres that never go flat to put an end to punctures
The misery of stopping at the side of the road to change a flat tyre could soon be a thing of the past. ANI

NEOShield to protect Earth from big asteroid or comet
A new international project called NEOShield is set to assess the threat posed by Near Earth Objects (NEO) and look at the best possible solutions for dealing with a big asteroid or comet on a collision path with our planet. ANI

Hormones alone 'not to blame for women's mood swings'
Women's emotional responses can vary significantly premenstrually. They may become depressed or grumpy during menstruation or the premenstrual phase, known as premenstrual syndrome (PMS). ANI

Fission rockets could be 'critical first step in long road to stars'
Fission rockets could be a vital stepping-stone technology towards the next generation of interstellar space exploration, researchers say. ANI

Soon, interactive car windows to keep kids entertained on road
Researchers are developing a new technology to turn your car's rear windows into interactive devices that could allow backseat passengers, especially children, to have a more exciting experience while travelling. ANI

Better combination therapies for bowel cancer come closer to reality
Researchers have shed new light on molecular connection between chronic inflammation and DNA methylation, a process that shuts down cancer-fighting genes, which may eventually pave the way for better combination therapies for treating and preventing colorectal cancer. ANI

Now, 'nanoparticle-based' vaccines to boost immunity where it counts
Synthetic nanoparticles that target lymph nodes, where the most effective immune reactions occur, could greatly boost vaccine responses, researchers say. ANI

Potential target against neuropathic pain identified
Scientists have discovered a major clue to a type of chronic pain called neuropathic pain, which affects millions of people worldwide. ANI

Now, cool semiconductors using laser light
Scientists have now devised a new method to cool semiconductor membranes using laser light, which could pave the way for cooling components in quantum computers and ultrasensitive sensors. ANI

Why Mexican cavefish turned blind
Several populations of cavefish have constantly and independently, lost their eyesight and pigmentation, which is a remarkable example of convergent evolution, researchers say. ANI

Oceans acidified by human CO2 emissions far beyond natural levels
Human-induced carbon dioxide emissions for the past 100 to 200 years have already raised acidity of world's oceans far beyond the range of natural variations, a new study has revealed. ANI

Male sex drive 'to blame for wars'
The root of most conflict in the world from war to football violence can be blamed on the male sex drive, scientists have claimed. ANI

Brain refuses to sell out sacred values
Ever wondered why we refuse to change our ideals, even when offered cash to do so? The answer lies in your brain, says a new study. ANI

Common mechanism of hypertension identified
Analysis of all the genes of dozens of people suffering from a rare form of hypertension have led to the discovery of a new mechanism that regulates the blood pressure of all humans. ANI

Origins of our earliest oxygen-breathing ancestors clarified
Scientists have shed light on the crystal structure of quinol dependent nitric oxide reductase (qNOR), a bacterial enzyme that offers clues on the origins of our earliest oxygen-breathing ancestors. ANI

Geoengineering may improve rather than threaten global food security
Reflecting sunlight away from the Earth to combat global warming will more likely have a positive impact on global food production rather than negative, a new study has revealed. ANI

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