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Technology News on January 22, 2012

'Megaupload chief Kim 'Dotcom' enjoyed lavish lifestyle'
Internet entrepreneur Kim Schmitz had legally changed his surname to Dotcom at some point over the last decade and enjoyed a lavish lifestyle, it has been revealed. ANI

'Pulverized' chromosomes may be behind cancer
Scientists have apparently found evidence which suggests that micronuclei - present in cancer cells - could potentially disrupt the chromosomes within them, and thus help in triggering disease-causing gene mutations. ANI

'Most popular' Christmas gift Amazon Kindles 'go unused'
Amazon's Kindle e-reader was one of the popular gifts during this Christmas in the UK, but many have gone unused, according to a survey. ANI

'Skin Scan' should not be relied upon in isolation to detect cancer risk
An application for iPhones dubbed Skin Scan, which allows users to analyse their moles for cancer risk, should not be used as a sole tool for detection of the disease, researchers have warned. ANI

Genes responsible for 40 pc of lifetime intelligence
We inherit 40 percent of our lifetime intelligence while the environment we grow up in impacts the rest 60 percent, researchers say. ANI

New gesture and voice-controlled TVs may outdo remote controls
Remote controls could soon become outdated with the advent of new generation gesture and voice-controlled televisions, tech observers say. ANI

Now, hi-tech baby stroller that charges iPhone
A US firm has come up with a hi-tech baby stroller with a built-in generator that allows parents to charge their cellphones while strolling with their baby. ANI

Female mosquito fish prefer mating with well-fed males
Female mosquito fish have a preference for mates with a solid nutritional upbringing over those who were on a restricted diet early on in their life, despite the male fish being physically similar in adulthood, a new study has revealed. ANI

Police threaten action over vile Facebook 'burn' pages
Police officials have warned school children to start removing their names and offensive comments from Facebook's "burn" pages. ANI

Soon, 'thinking' underwear to monitor modern soldiers during combat
Modern war fighters may soon be wearing underwears equipped with sensors, which would not just help in monitoring warriors during combat and identifying critical casualties but also train and select them for missions. ANI

Gold coils could be used in the fight against prostate cancer
Doctors led by one of Indian-origin are arming themselves with a precious new weapon in the fight against prostate cancer - gold coils. ANI

'Gut feeling' trumps religious faith while accepting evolution
For students to accept the theory of evolution, an intuitive "gut feeling" may be just as important as understanding the facts, according to a new study. ANI

Serial killers follow math formula obeyed by natural catastrophes
Scientists, including one of Indian-origin, have found that the seemingly erratic behaviour of serial killers conforms to the same mathematical pattern obeyed by earthquakes, avalanches, stock market crashes and many other sporadic events. ANI

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