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Technology News on January 20, 2012

UFO claims in NASA footage foiled by laws of physics
Scientists have debunked a mysterious triangular "UFO" footage captured by a NASA telescope, which found its way to YouTube. ANI

Gene that enables fruit flies to smell identified
Researchers have discovered a gene that is critical to sense of smell in fruit flies, which don't have noses. ANI

Statins may help beat breast cancer
A new research has provided clues as to how cholesterol-reducing statins might help keep breast cancer at bay. ANI

2011 listed as 9th warmest year since 1880
NASA scientists have claimed that 2011 was the ninth warmest year since 1880. ANI

Apple launches new e-textbook tools to 'reinvent textbook'
Apple has launched several new services, including e-books, which it claimed will "reinvent the textbook." ANI

Where people vote could affect the outcome
People who were asked survey questions near a church were more likely to report themselves more politically conservative and negative towards non-Christians than those surveyed near government buildings, a study found. ANI

What will be the effect of global warming across the world
The impact of global warming could be similar across ecosystems, regardless of local environmental conditions and species, a new study suggests. ANI

Solving 'biodiversity crisis requires political will to ensure a safe future'
Dealing with biodiversity crisis requires political will and it needs to be based on a solid scientific knowledge if we are to ensure a safe future for the planet, a new study has suggested. ANI

Camera catches comet plunging into the sun and meeting its fate
A "sun grazing" comet, which was caught by SOHO's LASCO C2 camera as it dived toward the sun on July 5 and July 6, 2011, has amazed even the most seasoned comet watchers. ANI

Facebook launches 60 new applications to boost Timeline's appeal
Facebook has launched 60 applications for its new profile page, Timeline, which allow users to listen to music, watch movies and buy cars within the site. ANI

New set of nanoparticles 'may accurately deliver cancer drugs to tumours'
A new class of nanoparticles, synthesized by scientists to prevent premature drug release, holds promise for greater accuracy and effectiveness in delivering cancer drugs to tumours. ANI

Exposure to sunlight can cut risk of mental problems among kids
A study has suggested that exposure to sunlight, which emanates vitamin D can lower risk of mental health problems on children. ANI

Low birth weight 'may affect development of autism'
Low birth weight is an important environmental factor contributing to the risk of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a new study has found. ANI

TEPCO camera peeks inside Fukushima reactor to assess coolant water level
The Tokyo Electric Power Co. (Tepco) in Japan said Thursday that it has inserted an industrial endoscope into the primary containment vessel of reactor unit 2 at the Fukushima No. 1 plant, which showed the level of coolant water was lower than the utility had estimated. ANI

New imaging platform tells when cancer cells turn deadly for the body
A new imaging platform developed by researchers provides an insight into the exact moment when cancer cells turn aggressive and start to spread, turning deadly for the body. ANI

Bacteria found capable of thriving inside glaciers
Scientists have found that some types of bacteria are able to live in a glacier-like atmosphere, making a case for the possibility of life to exist in the most extreme situations. ANI

New stem cell therapy could be used to halt Huntington's advance
A new technique has been developed by researchers which uses stem cells to deliver therapy that specifically targets the genetic abnormality found in Huntington's disease. ANI

Theoretical speed above which birds and drones are sure to crash found
The northern goshawk, which is one of nature's diehard thrill-seekers, must observe a theoretical speed limit if it wants to avoid a crash, a new study has claimed. ANI

Snake locomotion inspires new design for more efficient all-terrain robots
Scientists have designed new machines for search and rescue robots by studying the locomotion of snakes. ANI

Mechanism of ancient metabolism evolution discovered
In a new study, scientists have discovered the mechanism of evolution of the primordial metabolism. ANI

How disease-fighting proteins in teardrops annihilate harmful bacteria
In a new study, scientists have tried to discover how exactly a disease-fighting protein in teardrops destroys dangerous bacteria. ANI

Sexual activity 'safe for patients with stable cardiovascular disease'
Individuals suffering from stable cardiovascular disease can safely engage in sexual activity, according to a newly released statement. ANI

Grapes may help prevent age-related blindness
Eating grapes may slow or help prevent the onset of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a debilitating condition affecting millions of elderly people worldwide, say researchers. ANI

Soon, artificial sperm making testicles may help infertile men father kids
An artificial testicle that produces human sperm could help solve the problem of male infertility, scientists have said. ANI

Gene behind oesophageal cancer identified
A new research has found a gene, called RHBDF2, which plays an important role in the development of oesophageal cancer. ANI

Soon, genes from 3 parents could eradicate incurable genetic diseases
Scientists are working on a new IVF technique so that embryos can have genes from three parents in order to eradicate potential diseases. ANI

Fabled female G-spot 'may not exist at all'
The elusive female G-spot may not actually exist at all, according to scientists. ANI

Soon, technology to convert seaweed into renewable fuels and chemicals
A team of scientists has developed breakthrough technology that extracts all the major sugars in seaweed and converts them into renewable fuels and chemicals, thus making it a cost-effective and renewable source of biomass. ANI

Pigeons vary diversely from each other not always due to genetics
Visible traits don't always coincide with genetics, a new study has claimed. ANI

Loss of China's first interplanetary probe hits Mars mission
The loss of China's first interplanetary probe, attached to an ill-fated Russian spacecraft, has cost scientists the chance to conduct breakthrough research on Mars, according to a top scientist. ANI

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