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Technology News on January 15, 2012

Apple's apps for 12-year-olds include breast augmentation and iLust
Apps that encourage breast augmentation and teach users how to ogle at the opposite sex without getting caught are some of the many applications that have a maturity rating of 12+ and can be downloaded free from Apple's official store. ANI

Drug coated balloon offers hope against peripheral artery disease
A new device, dubbed Moxy Drug Coated Balloon, may soon revolutionize the way peripheral artery disease is treated in future, researchers say. ANI

Apple allows independent monitoring of suppliers' factories
Technology giant Apple will now allow independent observers into its suppliers' factories across the globe to monitor working conditions. ANI

Saturn-like ringed planet found eclipsing sun-like star
A Saturn-like ringed planet in the constellation Centaurus has been discovered orbiting a sun-like star. ANI

Hormone that can mimic a good workout identified
In a new study, scientists have isolated a natural hormone from muscle cells that triggers some of the key health benefits of exercise. ANI

Hitler 'stole idea for iconic VW Beetle from Jewish engineer'
Adolf Hitler, who has always been given the credit for sketching out the early concept of the iconic Volkswagen Beetle in a meeting with car designer Ferdinand Porsche in 1935, stole the idea from a Jewish engineer and had him written out of history, a historian has sensationally claimed. ANI

Meet the computer whizzkid who built his first website aged 5
An eight-year-old brainy boy from UK, who is fast gaining a reputation as the master fix-it for computer-related problems, has given Bill Gates a run for his money despite his small age. ANI

Soon, 'smart vehicles' to communicate with each other to boost road safety
Automakers and government agencies are teaming up to lay the foundations for a future in which smart vehicles will be able to communicate with one another to improve road safety. ANI

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