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Technology News on January 14, 2012

90 % of organized terrorism on web conducted through social media: Expert
About 90 percent of organized terrorism on the Internet is being carried out through the social media, an expert has suggested. ANI

More Android devices activated every day than babies born
More Android handsets are activated every day than babies are born on earth, it has been claimed. ANI

Now, device that allows mood-based music search
Two companies have collaborated together to develop a device that organizes your music collection based on moods. ANI

Malaysian Chinese adopt unique technique to recognise faces
Scientists have shown in a new study that when it comes to recognising people, the Malaysian Chinese have adapted their facial recognition techniques to cope with living in a multicultural environment. ANI

Brit scientists stand in defence of GMT
Scientists are preparing to launch a defence of keeping mean time at Greenwich Mean Time ahead of an international decision on whether the world should move to strict atomic time instead. ANI

Supraglacial lakes observed moving on top of Antarctic ice shelf
Satellite images have revealed a sequence of lakes on top of the George VI ice shelf in Antarctica moving along the boundary of the ice shelf with Alexander Island. ANI

Severe Arctic ozone depletions could occur again
With continuous global climate change, scientists fear that another record Arctic ozone similar to that during the winter of 2010-11 could occur again. ANI

Methane in rivers contribute more to global warming than nitrous oxide
Scientists investigating the role of streams and rivers in global climate change have suggested that the global warming potential of methane gas exceeds that of nitrous oxide (N2O). ANI

Moon's darker side uncovered by NASA's lunar mission
New maps produced by the Lyman Alpha Mapping Project (LAMP) aboard NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter have revealed features of the Moon's northern and southern poles in regions that lie in perpetual darkness. ANI

Soon, liquid-cooled LED lights as bright as 100w bulbs to help save energy
A revolutionary liquid-cooled LED light developed by a Californian-based firm is the first "eco" light that is as bright as a normal 100 watt bulb. ANI

Former Apple CEO John Sculley says he never fired Steve Jobs
Former Apple CEO John Sculley has clarified that late Steve Jobs was never fired from the company he helped found. ANI

Now, Facebook app that lets you send one last message from your grave
A new Facebook application gives its users the chance for one last message after they pass away by sending a final video or text message as a wall posting from their grave. ANI

Possible receptor for key breast cancer regulator identified
Researchers have identified a key protein potentially involved in regulating breast cancer progression. ANI

Sunflower design could make solar concentrator plants more feasible
Drawing inspiration from sunflowers, researchers have developed a new design of solar concentrator plants, which could make these plants more feasible and reduce the amount of land needed for a facility. ANI

Facebook's new 'listen with' feature lets users listen together
Facebook is set to redefine the social networking experience with the launch of a new 'listen with' feature which allows users to enjoy the same song as a friend via the site at the same time. ANI

Salt's real role in high blood pressure revealed
Researchers have debunked the widely-believed concept that hypertension, or high blood pressure, is the result of excess salt causing an increased blood volume, exerting extra pressure on the arteries.heir research found that excess salt stimulates the sympathetic nervous system to produce adrenalin, causing artery constriction and hypertension. ANI

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