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Technology News on February 5, 2012

How genes and hormones govern different parenting behaviour
The way genes and hormones interact in the brain changes parenting behaviour in mice, a new study including Indian origin researchers has revealed. ANI

Soon, hi-speed running robots to navigate 'inaccessible' terrains
A large fraction of the Earth's surface remains inaccessible to conventional wheeled or tracked vehicles, while animals and humans traverse such terrain with ease and elegance, researchers say. ANI

Russia eyes mission to reach moon this decade
Russian scientists are looking forward to have a man on the moon by 2020, as it launches a new campaign to select a new team of cosmonauts to train for the special task, according to reports. ANI

Liquid lasers to make detection of cancer genes easier
Using a liquid laser, researchers have devised a better way to detect the slight genetic mutations that might make a person more vulnerable to a particular type of cancer or other diseases. ANI

Men better at recalling unpleasant experiences than women
Men may have more accurate memory than women, when it comes to recollecting unpleasant and emotionally provocative experiences, a new research has suggested. ANI

Soon, 'smart clothing' to turn ordinary fabric into wearable gadgets
Today's regular clothing has the unexplored power to become tomorrow's wearable electronics, researchers say. ANI

Potential biomarker for osteoarthritis identified
Researchers have for the first time identified two molecules that hold promise as a biomarker for determining cartilage damage linked with osteoarthritis. ANI

'Designer' babies with three parents 'may help eradicate genetic diseases'
Sydney scientists are now willing to create designer babies with the DNA of three parents to prevent children from inheriting life-threatening genetic diseases. ANI

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